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I had to to a Norse Mythology skit for my Language Arts class, so enjoy a small skit featuring Vidar (God of Vengeance) and Odin. (God of Wisdom)

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Chapter 1

We're learning about Norse Mythology in Language Arts, and we had to choose 2 gods to write a skit with. I chose Vidar (god of vengeance) and Odin. (God of wisdom) This scene takes place before Ragnarok :)

“There has to be something I can do!” an ambitious Vidar called from behind his father, Odin.

“We’re still unaware of the entirety of the situation.” Odin replied. The two were walking down a long hall, Odin leading the way. His vivid green cape was dancing as he maneuvered. “We can’t make any moves until we learn more.”

Vidar paused for a moment, considering what to argue. The more he thought though, the lesser of an argument he believed he could make. “I understand father, but if the time comes and you need someone-“

Odin stopped moving and turned to face Vidar. It seemed his long, white beard was eating at his face. “I’ll be sure to come to you for aid.” He spoke not a word more the rest of the walk.

Though it was true Vidar was also at a loss when it came to understanding what was happening, he felt useless not doing anything-even if the smart thing was doing nothing at all.

The hallway was considerably long, and because their conversation had seemingly ended, Vidar decided to take in his surroundings. The flooring was made of chiseled stone, and a red carpet with a golden trim had been centered to fit the middle of the hall.

Lost in thought, Vidar was surprised they had reached the end of the hall already. Odin opened a large wooden door with several Norse markings littering it. It led outside. Vidar realized he was unsure of what he was to do now. The memory of speaking with Odin about what was going on had become a blur. He supposed he would walk around, looking for something that peaked his interest. Before he could say farewell to his father, Odin was nowhere to be seen.

Vidar began his walk. As for things that peaked is interest, not much was happening. He was a fan of vengeance, but he hadn’t seen any “eye for an eye” situations to adopt. Well, it wasn’t necessarily “eye for an eye.” It was more, “you do wrong to other people, I’ll do wrong to you.”

Vidar continued his walk, this time eager to learn about the situation Odin was dealing with. He had gone to Odin in the first place to offer his service, as he had heard rumors of a “situation”-one that Odin surely knew of. He said he would come to me if he needed it. With that in mind, Vidar continued his day, hoping that soon he could do something to help with this, “situation.”

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