Just Once

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Andrea Williams is an flight attendant in a well-known company. She came from a poor family, but that did not stop her in chasing her dreams. One day, while preparing to flew all the way to Hong Kong, she met this handsome guy, she thought he was just so perfect! She was love at first sight, Little does she know, that wasn’t their last meeting. She did not expect such, she told her self to stop having those unknown feelings, but that words isn’t enough, specially that she gets to meet him almost everyday!

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“We’re ready to take off!” the pilot announced.

“Finally! I hope we can still make it up to New Year,” Shelby said. We’re currently here in Hong Kong and is ready to flew back to Manila, Philippines. It’s already 10:22 pm in Philippine time.

“On your position now, ladies!” Ana said, my other co-flight attendant. Shelby and Ana is assigned to do the safety precautions, while I and Louise are assigned in assisting the passengers to see if they’re already on their seatbelts.

Louise is in the first part of the plane, Dakota Airlines Plane’s are divided into two parts, people who are priority will stay in the front. While those others, on the back. I am assigned at the back. I checked every single person. I don’t see anyone who’s not wearing a seatbelt though.

“Excuse me miss, Where’s the bathroom?” A man around his twenties asked me. I instructed him where the bathroom is.

I was about to go and help Shelby which is busy on preparing snacks when I felt a hand touched on my arms, I look back and saw a man...not just an ordinary man.

He’s standing right in front of me, his looks is so perfect...Blue eyes, pointed nose, that face structure, just so perfect, he’s jawline is so defined, his hair is blonde, he got that spiky hairstyle, he’s kinda tan but at the same time white. He also has those pinkish thin lips, I go down and down to examine him, his ripped muscles, some of his veins are visible in there. He’s perfect and...dayum hot!

“Uhm...excuse me, miss. You okay?” I was startled at what he said. I shaked my head and looked at him.

“Sorry, sir. What was that, again?” I asked. He chuckled before he answered. Even his chuckle is hot! Now, that’s new.

“You drop your bracelet,” he said. I looked at his hands, my bracelet was there. I immediately took it and said ‘thanks’ then leaved.

Gosh! What was I thinking?! Seriously, Andrea?

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