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Till The End Series: From The Start (Book 1) Bawat isa, pinaglalaruan ng dahil sa pag ibig. "Everyone is connected to everybody" diyan tatakbo ang buhay ng lahat. Isang Keshrana Madrigal na nakilala ang isang babaeng si Ysabella Lillian Sandoval pero mukhang dito papasok ang everyone is connected to everybody dahil sa pagkikita nila. Marahil siguro ay destiny sila para sa isa't isa. Lovestory in a destiny

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When they say "FROM THE START" It means it started at the beginning.

A boy that hated a girl because he feels something about her.

Because of that hate, he used to irritate that girl all day.

Until one day a sudden exchange of his mood.

He became sweet to her

Because of that sweetness, she's starting to fall in love with him.

Destiny is really playing with all of them From The Start

The play is already starting







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