Tales from the unfortunate

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Darkness covers us under a comforting blanket while the moon sings us asleep. The humming sounds comfort most enough to give in to that slumber. All but the preoccupied brains.

They grunt and turn till meeting the sound of the early birds. Frustration outs itself in the form of salty tears, caressing the cheeks. It's true that the night can offer comfort. That the silence can bring calmness and time to think. It can even bring... Inspiration and motivation. But to some, it's pure torture as they struggle not to lose count of the sheep.

One sheep. Two sheep. Three o'clock. When will mercy be given to the restless minds? Four tears, five turns. Sheep? Six of them still waiting to take a leap. And as the last one takes its jump, the mind finally slows down. It starts to drift away, thoughts floating on clouds. Will it finally be my turn to take the leap?

- the preoccupied sheep

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