Tales from the unfortunate

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Man down

I’m walking down the empty streets the moon has cast its shadows over. A layer of snow has made my parkour a tad more difficult. Any misstep would mean I’d slip. Tonight, I cannot afford any misstep. The snow cracks softly under the pressure of my body. By all means, I am no hulk, rather a lightweight if I must say.

No sound is to be detected nearby. No car, no other human to be seen. It’s just me and the sound of my footsteps. Society has signed out for the night, leaving me alone with my thoughts. You may wonder why someone like me is still awake. Awake amongst those choosing to benefit from the silent hours of the day. Let me tell you, not only a good night of sleep can be profitable. In the eerie hours, I commence my daily routine. Don’t worry, a woman like me knows how to stand her ground. Those big guys don’t scare me, not even the shabby bunch of the pack. Call me stupid all you want, I’m no fool to danger.

A cold breeze makes me adjust my collar. It’s a particularly cold night today, but that didn’t stop me from putting on my winter boots and a nice thick coat. I find irony in the fact that once the sun seeks slumber, the world turns frosty. It’s funny how the whole system depends on those golden rays of the sun. I, for a fact, love to hide in the shadows. I fancy places where the sun can’t reach me.

Day turns into night, night turns into day. My biological clock has also turned by now, upside-down, belly-up. During these pure moments of silence, I wander the streets. The streets full broken dreams and misery. By now, my eyes have adapted to the dim-lit roads. As I turn the corner, I notice I have company. Another victim of the night. A target lurking in the shadows. The man seems to take the same road as me, following every step I take. But I don’t let my instincts take over, instead, I keep it cool.

Two pair of footsteps conquer the night, till one of them slips. “Oh god, are you okay?” The man looks at me in full surprise. I try to hold my laugh. What can I say, it’s always a funny sight when people get knocked down by a slippery piece of road. “Yeah, I’m alright, just butthurt... Not only figuratively,” the man mumbles as he scrambles to get up. “O jee, these icy pavements are going to kill me one day or another,” he jokingly adds. I smirk, how ironic. I lend him a hand as another desperate attempt is made to get up. “Thank you, dear,” he says as he accepts my friendly gesture. My fingers clasp themselves around his. Instead of pulling him up immediately, I wait patiently, I even sit tight till he jerks up himself.

I linger around when his eyes turn cold. When white clouds are no longer formed by his breath. Only then, I let go. I take back what’s mine before taking a step back. The man’s expression is frozen in a state of terror as if a realization has come to haunt him. “It was a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Winter,” I chuckle. I shake his hand before letting go of the man. His arm now falls to his side, not needing my help anymore. “Has the cat got your tongue,” I joke, silly me. The man remains silent, still baffled by what has happened. Can’t blame the poor soul for his muteness, as it was I that has taken his speech from him.

You may be asking yourself, what’s that I’m holding. This ol’ thing? It’s just my favorite knife. Don’t mind the blood, I intend to clean it when I’m back home. For now, I have to get rid of the evidence without messing up the bloody snow pattern.

You must take me for the bad guy now, but take this into consideration. Why would an honest man walk these empty streets in the dead of the night? And why is it, that this one would carry a weapon, especially in an area as safe as your own household? Bad intentions? Or just another freak waiting to become a headline? I am no innocent one in this story, but I certainly don’t kill them. Well, at least my boss doesn’t want me to do so.

Pardon me for saying goodbye now. See, I’m a very busy woman with calls to make. Good thing those acting classes pay off, panic is hard to nail in a scene like this. Anyways, I got to ring an ambulance or something, after all, there’s a man down in winter wonderland.

Buzz me if you need me,


Yours Sincerely

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