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Our Intelligent Onion Love

Our Intelligent Onion Love

By Musiclover13980

A Love Song For Maggie

This one’s for you Ms Scavo!

My love for you is like the most intelligent onion,
Your face reminds me of beautiful Otters,
Together, we are like pizza and Ranch.

Oh darling Maggie,
My intelligent onion,
My beautiful potato,
The perfect companion to my pizza soul.

Sunsets are red,
Oceans are blue,
I like forests at dusk,
But not as much as I love snuggling with you!

Oh darling Maggie,
Your eyes are like unique boats on a Winter day,
You’re like the most brave queen to ever walk the beach.

Your beautiful Otter face,
Your Ranch soul,
Your unique eyes,
Your brave queen being...

How could I look at another when our intelligent onion love is so strong?

I love you Ms Scavo!

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