Wintervale school of the supernatural

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When a girl and her brother leave the comfortable nest of their home town for the last two years of high school to join a private school more suitable for them, they uncover more than they thought possible as they join a fight for the lives of many others like themselves. Jacklin and Alpha Cider had lived a safe life in the sweet town full of misfits known as Down Nettle, their lives had been quite normal despite their abilities. They had many friends like themselves who all hid amongst the normal school kids and adults of the town. All was perfectly swell until an unknown man made a call to a more secretive origination and got a large group of men to attack the small town to kill the people with "abilities."

Depressed Dumbass
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"I'm ready."

The attack happened on a warm night in July. The sleeping town of Down Nettle hadn't suspected a thing, leaving them vulnerable. It was a quick mission with an even quicker downfall. The RRI had been getting cocky for a well-known group. The ambush caused many people to leave the comfortable town that they had called home for ages and generations, including two members of the Cider family. The two teenagers who lived in the home of their happily wed parents had been on edge since that night in July. They had been not only worried for the safety of themselves but the safety of their parents who enrolled them into a private school close to the normally peaceful town.

Today was the day the two teenagers had been told to leave, August the 10th. The town was silent in the early hours of morning, few cars drove out of town and headed to the city for work. The rising sun lightly colored the bed of Jacklin Cider through the open window. Laying on the bed was a sleeping girl burrowed in a black and blue stripped comforter and light blue sheets, just next to the queen-sized bed that had been pushed into the left corner on the wall was a dark-colored end table. On the table there was a blue lamp, a phone that was hooked up to a charger and a notebook full of drawings embedded with the initials of J.C. The strawberry blonde girl let out a slight snore as she moved onto her side in her peaceful rest. Her dreams faded as her hand twitched. A few moments later her annoyingly loud phone rung in an even pattern, it took a minute for her to realize that the alarm meant she had to get up but eventually she removed her light colored arm and hit her phone's screen; the phone fell to the carpeted floor, still hanging by the worn blue charger as the girl groaned and groggily opened her tired green eyes.

Her eyes slowly fixed their gaze onto the white door that was partly covered with a shiny white board with ‘first day of school’ written in messy and bold handwriting. Once again the girl groaned before kicking her blankets and sheets off with a force uncalled-for. She rubs her eyes until they grow wet and blurry, she growls some curses as she tumbles off of her bed and lands on her floor. With closed eyes she reaches her hand out to the black table and pulls herself off of the floor that was littered with clothes and cups. She shakes her head as she slowly reopens her still tired eyes and shakily steps over some clothes to get to her deep brown dresser. Her hands run over the handle as a habit, she pulls open the top left drawer and sifts through the millions of shorts that she never seemed to run out of. She picks out a pair of white athletic shorts with black lines running up the sides, she slams the drawer shut and looks at the top of the dresser that covered the entire small amount of wall that was the side of the closest. She grabs a red bracelet and a silver necklace with a small blue gem before moving to open the closest door. Her legs move instinctively inside her average sized closet and looks at her shirts with tired yet focused eyes. She pulls a black jersey with white sides off of a hanger and leaves her closet moving to grab her phone, when she finally gets through the struggle of willingly getting off of the floor she leaves her room quietly and moves into the bathroom across the hall.

She pounds her fist that carried her shorts against the white door for a moment before going into the small bathroom and locking the door with a yawn. “Ok Jacklin, time to get ready…” She grumbled as she spoke to herself and tossed her clothes onto the counter and grabbed a blue towel from the cabinets. The girl hangs the towel on a hook that sat on the wall close to the shower with glass walls, god did Jacklin hate those glass walls, sometimes they would show her reflection and other times she felt far too visible. She huffs as she moves the sliding door and reaches her arm lazily into the turning the nod to the hottest setting without thinking. She waits a minute or two before undressing and stumbling blindly into the shower as soon as her bare skin came into contact with the burning water she let out a loud yelp and leaped back to the wall. Her eyes had snapped open again as she maneuvered herself to fix the temperature of the water to a more reasonable heat. After that her shower was calm, she even nearly fell asleep with her head leaned onto the wall that held the shower head.

“Jacklin I swear to the flying spaghetti monster, if you don’t get out in the next ten minutes I won’t help you pack!” A male voice growls from the other side of the door as a fist pounds annoyingly at the poor abused wood.

The girl huffs as she hurriedly takes her towel and dries off, she quickly puts on her under garnets then the clothes that she had picked out. She clicks on her necklace and her bracelet before grabbing her blue hairbrush and combing through her messy strawberry blond hair that reached to her ears and covered one of her green eyes. She unlocks the door and slides past her twin brother, hitting him with her bare shoulder. “I already finished packing.” She snarls at him as she walks back to her room.

“Deep down you know that you’re wrong my dear Jacklin!” He replied in a snarky tone as he entered the bathroom with some clothes and a cheerful expression that caused Jacklin to sigh.

The girl used her shoulder to open her door further as she entered her messy room less exhausted than she left. She walks over to her dresser and grabs her old worn out hat with the letters ‘2010’ and a panther embed on it. She pauses for a moment as she moves her hand to her hair and feels around for just a moment before stopping at the slight bump of antlers she had. The girl shakes her head and puts her cap on with a slight smile. She heads over to the end of her bed where two suitcases stood, filled messily with clothing items and miscellaneous items that the blond deemed important. Her foot tapped at the ground as though about what her brother had told her. The girl's green eyes dart to her nightstand as she lets out a lengthy sigh. The blond moves over to her nightstand and picks up her journal, charger and phone. Wait, a confused look floods the girl's face as she looks quickly around her room and again sighs. “Good god Jacklin, get your shit together.” She hisses to herself as she moves back to her suitcases and shoves her journal under her arm as she trudges with her suitcases down the hallway and down the stairs.

After having a minor accident and falling down the stairs after tripping over the notebook she dropped, the girl's face fully expressed the way she felt. Tired and angry. Jacklin took in a deep breath as she stood up again and collected her suitcases and the notebook that sabotaged her. The blond, again, moved her luggage out of the kitchen she stood in. She slowly made her way to the door. Her hand unlatched from the heaviest suitcase as she opened the door and gripped said suitcase again as she shouldered the door more open than it was. She pulls the luggage outside and groans with a facepalm as she drops her notebook carelessly to the concrete and jogs back inside to grab her truck's keys. After a good ten minutes of hunting for her keys, her brother trots down the stairs with a grin as he throws a pair of keys that were latched onto a blue key chain with a flannel pattern. “Where the hell did you get these?” The girl asks with a frustrated tone as she catches the key chain and walks back outside.

“They were in your bedroom, you moron.” The male calls out as he runs a light-colored hand through his messy ear-length golden blond hair that dripped slightly from his quick shower. He trots over to the fridge with a yellow sticky note stuck to the shiny metal that read ‘Sorry peach, tell your sister we had to leave for work and call us when you get to that school.’ His lips form a smile as he lets out a slight chuckle before tearing the note off of the fridge and opening the door to snatch a small snack.

“Mom and Dad went to work!” He calls out to his sister earning a ‘ok’ from her as she yelped and fell down yet again, this time onto the concrete with a suitcase that seemed to be full of bricks on her stomach.

Jacklin sighed as she pushed the suitcase off of herself and kicked it when she stood up again. “Screw you, you stupid suitcase.” She growled as she leaned down to lift it up again and huffed as she threw it with all of her might into the backseat of her black truck. She winced as she heard something shatter but decided she wouldn't check it out, mainly because she was done with her luggage and was angry with her clumsiness.

“Are you ok out here? You haven't died, right? Mom would kill me if you died the second you left my view.” Alpha joked as he walked outside with a rolling suitcase and a duffle bag hanging from his shoulder. He had a grin plastered onto his face as he tossed the last part of an orange into his mouth.

Jacklin glared at her brother as she sauntered past him and into the house. “Shut up.” She deadpanned as she lunged up the stairs and headed for her phone and any last things she needed.

Alpha couldn't help but smile smugly as he walked to the other side of his sister's truck and swung open the door. He hopped into the truck and sunk into the leather seats; he slammed his door shut and took out his phone as he propped his feet up against the dashboard. After what felt like seven years, Jacklin finally made her into the truck. She had locked the house door and had a scowl on her face when she saw her brother's feet on her child's dashboard. “I swear to god, I will make you walk Alpha. Get. You. Feet. Off. Of. Cash.” Jacklin growls as she slams her door shut and clicked on her seatbelt along with starting the engine.

“Ok, fine.” Alpha mumbled as he moved his legs and crossed his legs as he clicked in his seatbelt and continued to look down at his phone as he absentmindedly played around with the pen that had been clipped to the pocket of his flannel that covered a white undershirt.

Jacklin shut her eyes for a moment before opening them again and pulling out her phone, pulling out Google Maps. She marked the area she was heading to and put her phone next to the cup holders as she drove through the mostly quiet town that she had called home for sixteen years. The drive was quiet, Alpha had been texting his friend, and Jacklin had been lost in thought. It took around an hour to get to the school but when they did Jacklins’ eyes widened while she pulled into the parking lot full of people that were still pulling into the school like the Cider twins were.

“Woah, it's giant.” Alpha spoke what the girl had been thinking as he shoved his phone into his back pocket of the torn jeans that he wore. Jacklin's green eyes showed what she was feeling but wouldn't voice, fear and nervousness.

Alpha unclipped his seatbelt and looked at Jacklin, whose eyes were glued to the school with the name ‘Wintervale’ in large letters imprinted onto the glorious building. He moved his hand on top of Jacklin's and offered her a smile. “You ok Jacky?” He asked in a concerned tone as her green eyes darted to his blue ones.

“Um… N-no?” She whispered as unhooked her seatbelt with the hand Alpha didn't have trapped in a gentle grip.

“It’s going to e ok Jacky. If something bad happens to you, I can protect you.” He said with a more genuine smile.

“Ha. You’re funny.” Jacklin joked, her voice showing that she was calming down.

“Hey! I could protect you.” Alpha said in a fake hurt one with a grin.

“Alpha, be real here. You can’t lift a pen or hurt a fly. I will do the protecting, it is my job, as the older sister.” She said in a cheerful voice as she grinned at him.

Alpha paused for a moment as his gaze drifted to the school and back to Jacklin. “You ready Jacky? We can wait here for as long as you need, despite not loving being late, especially not on the first day, I can handle it.”

Jacklin's gaze fixed itself onto the school but returned to her brother as she took in a deep breath and nodded. “I’m ready.”

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