Fake Profiles and Identities

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Social media is a very powerful tool to influence other people but how we would know if the person who are we communicating have a real identity?

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The Reason of Fake Accounts in Social Media

Have you ever wondered if the person who you are chatting on Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, Flashat app and other instant messaging apps have real identities? Have you ever thought about the genuineness of the accounts of the celebrity profiles you followed on Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok?

When everyone can now easily create an account using any email address and make up information, it becomes easy for anyone to create any fictional character or avatar of someone that will represent the real person or any entity in this world. Many of the people nowadays are meeting someone online who pretends to be someone else using social media to create false identities. Based on a study, these acts were considered in conducting online propaganda efforts and misinformation campaigns wherein they can spread falsehoods to social networks of real people.

There is also a reason related to someone’s self-esteem. There are some people who don’t like their physical appearance, that’s why they are pretending to be someone else to make them feel better. Lastly, there are some people who remain private. They are creating phony profiles using a dummy account (not related to themselves) in order to communicate and interact with social people, without providing their identities to the public for security reasons.

Making and creating a fake account on social media is very easy and a serious thing. It can be really harmful and hurtful for other people who actually followed and believed on these accounts. These accounts may have already changed someone’s perception in life. It is just like falling in love with someone you met online, who will turn out to be a different person at the end~ how will you feel about that?

Whatever we do online that is unrighteous, it is deceiving and harmful to anyone.

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