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I Didn't Know Her

This is a 500 word contest entry. Great reviews no reward.

I didn’t know her, and was quite surprised when she approached me in the train station.

It was 4 o’clock Tuesday and I was just returning from Baltimore, looking forward to a relaxing evening reading a novel, when the slender woman rushed to confront me.

“It’s only a dare.” Her voice was so low I hardly heard her. Her light coat indicated to me she was a woman of money, kept, or earned but nonetheless, it was a nice coat on a pretty woman.

“What my dear, are you talking about?” I raised a hand to indicate I needed to move along but she persisted and bent her knees about to jump.

I stepped away, but she followed. “Please sir, it’s only a dare.”

I looked around the train station, a few people were staring at us and I truthfully wanted nothing more but to free myself of the woman in my path. I feared if I made a sudden movement she might grab me. “Ma’am, I really must be going.” I stepped to the side.

She stepped with me in dance form and spoke loudly. “It’s only a dare.”

I knew then she was making a scene, so to speak. I stayed still. “What is it you want?”

She lowered her voice and lifted her chin. “It’s the dare.”

I was getting irritated. “What dare? What do you want me to do?”

She stood on her tiptoes. “Bend down a little.”

“Oh, alright, there.” I stooped over. Gravity claimed my briefcase arm and it swung like a pendulum.

“Close your eyes.” Her breath was sweet and only inches from my face.

“I’m going to put my hands on your cheeks and bend your head a wee bit. I guarantee this will not hurt.”

I knew I was in the middle of the train station and the likelihood of harm coming to me was fairly low. If she were a pickpocket she would net little more than my cab fare.

Her small cool hands pressed into my cheeks and I felt the pressure turning my face slightly to the right. Suddenly, I felt her lips against mine and her hand grab my free hand. As she pressed her lips into me she raised my hand to her back. Her tongue pressed my teeth and I slightly opened my mouth our tongues fought for space. We stayed like that for three or four seconds, it seemed like a lifetime. Then she suddenly broke the kiss, smiled and casually walked away.

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