Within an rebellion

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Fight between blood, power, and saftey

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Within A Rebellion

Mundel woke up from his slumber and adjusted to the morning light. He rolled over to his right side, so that he could face the door. He gazed at the surroundings of his room for a little while, then got up and walked towards the door. He opened the door and walked through the spacious hallway, and eventually, he came across the bathroom. Once he was done, he got his towel and dried himself off, soon making his way back into his room where he dressed himself in his usual attire of a tan farmer's shirt and brown leggings, followed by worn light brown leather shoes. Mundel slipped out of his room and advanced to the dining room where he met his father., who was eating a potato soup that was filled with many herbs and spices. A one and truly owned delicacy of his mother, who sat beside him eating. It was quiet throughout the morning and the Silence broke only at the voice of Mundel's mother realizing Mundel's appearance.

“Good morning” said Mundel’s mother chirpily. Mundel’s father looked up and nodded once his attention was soon grasped.

“Morning” said Mundel sluggishly. Mundel went to the fireplace where a pot hung from the inner mantle. In the pot, there was some warm homemade stew. He picked up a bowl which sat beside the pot. He used the serving spoon which was hanging along the rim of the pot to transfer his share of the stew into his bowl. Once Mundel sat down, his mother asked Mundel’s father on how the fields were doing. Mundel’s father stopped eating and paused.

“They’re doin fine, from what I've seen and known.” said Mundel’s father slowly.

The silence rose. Dead in the air, the silence seemed as if it were a bad omen, while they just sat there, unwilling to communicate. Mundel’s father really wasn’t one to engage in conversations unless it was about business or his farm. Mundel’s mother, on the other hand, was not an overly talkative person but she could maintain a conversation. Unless it was with Mundel’s father, but she’s grown to live with and understand that. Mundel’s father spoke breaking the usual silence.

“Mundel, I need you to take the farmed potatoes out of the storage shed and load them into the barrels so that we can put them up for sale tomorrow morning at Puma.” Mundel nodded and continued to eat. Mundel’s father finished his bowl and got up from his chair to make his way towards the counter to put the bowl in the sink.

“Ok, well I'm going to go work on the fields if you need me.” said Mundel’s father.

“Okay" Mundel responded. His mother nodded with a smile as she put her arm on Mundel's father's shoulders as he stood up, seemingly to want to keep him there a little while longer.

Mundel’s mother still sat there with her bowl half full of stew and gazed blankly at it. “Is everything alright mother?” asked Mundel.

“Oh, yes sweetie, everything is going just fine.... I'm just feeling a little down, usual mood swings, nothing to shake about.” said Mundel’s mother sweetly. Mundel’s mother suffered from demons that strung her down to the earth's evil, which made her unusual and emotionless. Mundel stared at his mother, then got up and went to put his bowl onto the counter.

“Well just let me know if you need any favors, mother. I'll be happy to comply.” Mundel’s mother gave another smile.

“I will, thank you sweetie.” Mundel nodded and walked out the front door.

It was a partly cloudy day out on the fields and Mundel brought in the crisp clean air. The ground was muddy and rugged, for the road was just loose pieces of gravel that poked through your shoes, without the right protection. Mundel made his way towards the shed and unlocked the door with his key. He swung the door open and walked down the stairs, leaving the door opened behind him. Mundel picked up a full crate of Potatoes and walked up the stairs with them and placed them on the muddy ground near the door. There were eight vacant barrels on the right and left sides of the entrance to the storage shed, so Mundel opened the first cover and threw the good tomatoes into the barrel and tossed the bad ones on the ground for the earth to take as nutrients. Mundel continued to fill barrel after barrel until his friend Terrion came in with horror consuming his face.

“What has the gods brought for us today Terrion?” Mundel asked.

“The Shats!” “They're coming this way to invade our village and the people are rounding up the soldiers to fight, we need to take cover now!” said Terrion quickly.

“We can fight'' Said Mundel. Terrions eyes opened with confusion.

“What do you mean fight?!” “We aren't of age yet to fight, Mundel.” “We haven't even hit the double digits.” Terrion was gesturing for Mundel to follow but Mundel just stood there. “Come on Mundel, let’s go!” said Terrion, impatient and angrily.

“If you won't fight with me then I’ll fight alone.” Said Mundel firmly. “Mundel soon heard his mother's voice and saw her at the front door with Terrion’s mother.

“Mundel, go get your father, it’s time to come back inside!” shouted his mother. Mundel was tied and wanted to go; although, he didn’t want to leave his mother. He looked back and forth but made his final decision. He was going to go fight, and with no hesitation Mundel sprinted off towards the village. Terrion mumbled bitterly and soon joined him.

Mundel arrived at the Well Which sat in the middle of the village and saw people still scurrying away as the military was making their way out to the battlefield. Mundel snuck through the soldiers leaving for the battlefields and entered the village barracks. He walked down a flight of stairs and found the armory. He picked up a sword that immediately fell out of his hands. Mundel cursed and then jumped when he heard someone enter but was relieved when he saw that it was Terrion.

“What are you doing here Terrion; I thought you weren't coming to fight?” said Mundel secretly grateful that he wouldn't die alone.

“I couldn't let you do such Mayhem without a common eye in your view of idiocy.” said Terrion. Mundel nodded and tried to pick up the sword again, which came with success, but it still wobbled in his hand. Terrion picked up a sword as well, and then following Mundel, he dropped it with his hands still grasped onto the handle. His eyes were filled with fear, but he swallowed it down and lifted back up with a smile for Mundel. Mundel nodded and led the way to the outside. They were now outside where the village was mostly vacant with a few stragglers here and there; everyone else were either in their houses, shops, or fleeing from the village.

“So where exactly is the battlefield?” said Mundel.

“I heard it was at the left wing of the village so if we take a right we should be in the general direction. It won't be in the village so we're going to focus on hearing screams in order to find them.” Said Terrion. Mundel nodded and started running towards the direction of the fighting, and Terrion followed suit.

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