Agatha and Fabian

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Agatha LEE is a 15 years old British girl who lives at 1860s Victorian Britain. She was different. She was a tomboy and a bookworm also a feminist. But her difference wasn't because of it. She was different because she was liking girls. It wasn't right. When her mom figured this out she send her to monastery. She escaped from there and with boy clothes that she stole she started to live two lives. Agatha and Fabian. Agatha was a girl who fights for women rights and a person who queen doesn't like. Fabian was a boy who started to secretly work for an old librarian woman...

Alkım Ayal
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Agatha's POV

I just can't understand. Why a girl would want to be trapped by a man? In 'Agatha Dictionary' marriage equals prison.Okey, as females we were interested in weird things and for me males was one of them. I have never loved to deal with girls' interests.Chores, gossip with other girls and many more... I have never played with dolls,never loved those piece of porcelains. I just don't like the things most of girls like. Still, to be a girl is hard. We have to marry, do chores,please men,give birth. It has to change. I wanna study literature. I'm sure there's many girls like me. I wanna do something about it. Somebody has to,so why can't it be me? I'll admit I would want to be a boy instead of a girl. Even so there's also things I don't like about men. Most of them are rude, sometimes ignorant and think girls are worthless object. I hate boys and men like this. But no one is same. Everyone has their own personality and differences. Like, i have really nice and intellectual male friends too. While I was in my own thoughts my sister Arabelle's voice brought me back to the reality. She was screaming 'I can't believe, I'm going to be a Baron's wife.' I rolled my eyes again. We've been listening her to talk for one hour. Others were listening her smile from ear to ear with a spark in their eyes.They were looking at her the way a prayer look at it's hunt. Do you really think that I don't know this marriage will be just for benefits? The Baron was getting beauty,youth and my sister was getting money.Oh wait,let me correct my fault.MY FAMILY was getting money. They were wrong because it was obvious that Baron was a douchebag and also a peny pincher. I was wondering about the possibility about me being a found child next to the garbage then I realised it's a wrong opinion because they wouldn't want a daughter like me. Then again my thoughts were interrupted by Arabelle's scream. I was bored of this thing. I stood up and when I was about to go to my bedroom the best mom in the world started to talk with me.

-When do you think to find a rich man your highness Agatha?

-You'll meet with him on a date and time that i have planned

She was suprised but...


-31st of February at 15.90, be ready mom

And now she was pissed off

...but she wasn't knowing something about me. Even I still couldn't know what to do with this fact.

The fact that I wasn't interested in boys, I was interested in girls. Sometimes I was hearing my sister and her friends. They were talking about kissing boys. When I dream I kiss someone it was a girl. Not a boy.

It was scary...

Also confusing...

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