How to be a good parent

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How to be a good parent


Have you ever wondered how your kids think of the way you parent them? Chances are you haven’t. They probably haven’t either. Maybe you don’t want to know. You’re the parent, you know best right?

This book will (hopefully) change your mind. It will get you asking yourself questions like, “ am I a helicopter parent?” Or, “ is this really the best way of parenting?” Off quizzes and suggestions to help you understand your kids better, and how they understand you.

Chapter one, section one. Which am I?

Everyone has a different way off parenting their kid. Some parents think it’s better to help their kid out in life by never making them do things they don’t want to do and making sure they are never sad. Some think their kid needs to put their head down and get on with life, because it’s just going to get harder from here. Some are a mix of both. So, let’s find out who you are before we go any further. Please answers the questions honestly!

Question one

Your child started a dance class two weeks ago and now wants to quit, even though they always seem to enjoy it when they get there. Do you...

A) immediately take them out of the class. If they don’t want to do it, they shouldn’t have to!

B) ask them why they dislike it, and make them do it for at least a month, and then see if they want to quit.

C) tell them not to be ridiculous and to get on with it.

D) give them five pounds and let them play video games all day

to do it but make sure no one finds out

E) other

Question two

Your child is being teased at school. They are sensitive and easily upset so are taking it badly. What do you do?

A) go into the school and talk to the teacher about it, then take your kid out for ice cream and buy them a stuffed cat.

B) give them tips on how to stand up for themselves, and if the problem doesn’t stop go to a teacher about it.

C) tell them not to be sensitive and to wack the bully with the heaviest thing they can find.

D) Tell them it will be alright and it won’t last for ever. Then buy them an Alexa.

E) other

Question three

Your teenage kid’s best friend is a bad influence. She talks about taking drugs, smoke and encourages them to do the same. Worst of all, she doesn’t seem to think shoplifting is wrong and would happily steal a Kit Kat from the co op. Your kid thinks that she’s really cool. Do you...

A) oh well. I’m sure she’ll stop some day. Anyway, your just thinking of your kid here, imagine if she had no friends! That would be worse!

B) talk to your kid about it and try to prevent her doing something she’ll regret. Encourage her to make other friends and to try to help her friend to be more sensible.

C) tell her she will regret being friends with her and then stop bothering about it.

D) tell her she can’t hang out with her anymore. It’s for her own good! Besides, she has plenty of other friends, I see her texting them all the time.


Question four

Your son has a huge talent for acting, and is taking lessons. He is really enjoying it, so...

A) you continue with it, but make sure your son knows he doesn’t have to if he doesn’t want to.

B) continue with the lessons. It’s as simple as that!

C) continue.

D)continue, but take it to the next level. Get him an agent, and start going for auditions for plays, musicals and more! This is more than just a hobby!

E) other

Question five

Your daughter and some friends of hers and their parents (who are your friends) are going on vacation to a family hotel together. The buffet has a soda machine and the kids stay up late watching fire works and playing, or running loose on the hotel’s grounds. This is,

A) fine! Even if I wasn’t ok with it, I still wouldn’t stop her. She would feel so left out!

B) it’s fine, as it’s a holiday the kids deserve a break.

C) who cares!

D) it’s awful! My daughter is only allowed one soda a day, she will go to bed at her normal time and will be monitored by an adult at all times!… maybe I’ll give her a little gift to cheer her up. A new app on her phone maybe?

E) other

Question six

All the kids in grade three are collecting a new surprise toy. They all want the ultra rare angel tortoise limited edition in gold. Then suddenly one little kid gets it! Your kid is really upset and jealous. What do you do?

A) bribe the kid with a candy bar and ask her to give it to your kid.

B) tough luck. Tell your child gently that they won’t always get what they want and that they should accept that.

C) tell my kid to get over it.

D) tell them if they stop whining about it they can play on my phone for two hours

E) other


If you answered mostly A you are a bit of a snowplough parent. That means your will do everything in your power to make life as easy as you can for your kid. Wether that means you need to bribe someone, or constantly give your child comfort food, so long as your child is happy. This is not the best way of parenting, as one day your child will not want you constantly interfering in their private life, and although you love them very much, you will be killing them with kindness.

If you answered mostly B you are a mix. I won’t say a perfect balance, as I didn’t put every single situation in the quiz, but you are doing a very good job so far.

If you answered mostly C, you are the opposite of A! It’s difficult to see how much you actualy CARE about your kid, as you don’t have much to do with them! This may cause your kid not to be as close to you as they should be.

If you answered mostly D, you are fairly strict, ( which is fine, as your child has to follow your rules,) however, you clearly feel guilty about “depriving “ your child of what their friends have or are allowed to do, so often turn to screens for help. This is not the best way of parenting, as it may cause your child to be addicted to their phone, and then you will have bigger problems long term.

If you answered mostly E, you didn’t answer any of the questions! I don’t know what kind of parent you are!;)

Section two. Bedtime

Whether your child is three or thirteen, you probably still want them to go to bed at a reasonable time. For example: you wouldn’t encourage a four year old to go to bed at eleven o’clock would you?

What if your child isn’t happy with their bed time? What if they are constantly having nightmares and sleep in your bed all the time? What if they kick and scream whenever anyone says it’s time for bed? This chapter has all the answers for bed time.

Question 1

‘ my daughter doesn’t want to go to bed at the same time as their younger sister and says all her friends go to bed after their siblings. I actually think it’s a good idea, but my younger daughter is too scared on her own so insists on her sister coming with her!’

* try finding something that your younger kid hates doing, and ask if she’d like to stay up late with her big sister for only one night to do it. Most likely, she’ll say no.

* if that doesn’t work, sit down with both your daughters at a good time, (not when they are watching tv, or drawing a picture), and talk to them about it. Ask them both to write a list about why they want to stay up late without their sister/go to bed with their sister and have them read each other’s lists. It may change one of there minds. This works best with open minded kids.

*make going to bed early fun for your younger kid. Read her a bedtime story, or set up a puppet show for her with stuffed toys. (You could even try doing a “midnight”feast with her for a few nights, but make it clear that that’s not permanent.) soon your kid will be desperate to go to bed all by herself.

Question 2

‘My toddler hates bed time, and throws a tantrum whenever I take him up stairs to bed. I’m worried the neighbours will complain about the noise, (they are not really good with kids),and he is getting violent!

* what is your child’s favourite toy? Try telling him that if he behaves badly, it will be confiscated, but if he’s good, he’ll get to play with it more.

* try buying a reward chart. It’s easy and fun for your child and he will be desperate for the reward.

* another reward system is the treasure box system. All you need is a shoe box, some paper and pens and some small toys like small stuffed toys, pencils, chocolate coins and more. Just fill a painted gold shoe box with the toys and gifts and draw small circles in groups of five on a piece of paper. When your child behaves, they can colour in a circle (it works better when you call the circles treasure), when they colour in five treasures they get a reward from the box.

Question 3

‘My child is sure that there are monsters hiding behind her curtains and refuses to go into her room. I tried showing her behind the curtains but she burst into tears and started having a panic attack!what can I do?

*If you can, just take away the curtains.

*if that won’t work for you, try setting up a camp bed on the other side of the room. Sleep in there with her and if she is scared, you can comfort her.

chapter two, section one. Phones

At some point, your kid will ask for a phone. How you answer them is up to you.

But then there is pier pressure.

And sometimes it’s hard to say no. Here are some tips on how to fight pier pressure and make your own choice

If you are saying no

* talk to your child about why.
* choose an age for your child to get a phone.
*allow them another means of technology so that they can still contact their friends without a phone.

If you are saying yes

*make sure that there are restrictions in place so that your child is safe

I can’t say anymore about phones, as it is up to YOU what you choose. Here are some websites that. Ight help you

Young minds


Chapter two, section two. Bullies and rule setters

Pretty much every school kid has to deal with bullies. Wether physically or mentally, bullies will make your kid feel insecure, so it’s important to know how to deal with it. Here are some situations that you may or may not have to deal with.

‘ my son is being ganged up on at school and getting into fights. At first I thought he could handle it but He recently broke his leg and I know it wasn’t an accident. He is seriously injured and I am scared for his safety. What can I do?’

* YOU MUST TALK TO HIS TEACHER. Whether your son wants you to or not, he is in danger so his teacher must know what’s going on.

* talk to him about it and how he feels. It may not just be physical bullying, it’s likely to be in his head too.

* talk to the bully’s parents discretely and ask them to talk to their children about it.

‘I think my daughter is a bully. She has recently been talking about this girl in her class in a nasty way and I have heard her whispering to her friends about her. My daughter is popular in her class and clearly feels threatened by this other girl, but I know that she is kind, and so it must be my daughter who is in the wrong. What can I do?’

* talk to your daughter about it and tell her that what she is doing is wrong.

* talk to the other girls parents and talk to them about it.

* ask the teacher to inform you if it goes any further.

‘ my daughter and her friend got into a physical fight (although it’s sounds like they were attacked)with another girl. It has only happened once, but I’m worried it may get worse.’

*talk to your daughter and ask her what she thinks

Chapter three section one. Depression and anxiety

This is not likely to happen to your child, but at some point it is possible that your child will be depressed or suffer from anxiety. Dealing with it is not easy, As often the reasons for it are difficult to fix, however you must not lose your temper with it as it is VERY important that your child knows you are supportive of them and not annoyed by there behaviour. So how do you know if your child has anxiety?

Question one

Is your child crying regularly?
Are they experiencing rushes of anger?
Have they had panic attacks?
Have they lost their appetite/ been eating much more than usual?
Have they seemed distracted?

The more Yeses you answered, the more likely it is that your child is suffering from anxiety and/or depression. Here is what you should do...

1) talk to your child and reassure them that you are here for them.
2)ask them why they are anxious/depressed, however it is likely that they will not tell you straight away so be patient and kind.
3)ask how you can help
4)try to encourage them to spend less time on social media however do not force them.
5) encourage them to spend time doing exercise as it is proven to be uplifting.

Reasons for depression

* a bad test result
* dealing with bully’s
* being bullied on Social media
*loss of a friend/member of family

Reasons for anxiety
*a big test coming up at school
*a friend/family member is Injured/unwell
*stress and pressure
*dealing with bullies
*being bullied on social media

These are not even all of the reasons for depression and anxiety. Look at young minds or childline online for tips and advice for your child on how to handle anxiety and depression.


Hopefully this book has helped you deal with a number of issues and made you think about the way you parent your kid and how they think of you. It was written to encourage parents to judge them selves and not assume that they are right just because they are the parent.
So next time you get into an argument with your child, listen to their perspective and try and do things their way, to.

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