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Navin's parents died when he was quite young and he was force to live with his grandparents who were both living in England and were close friends of the Royal family. Navin was very handsome and humble, but was also an introvert at start. Because of his grandparents relationship with the royal he was favored by the King👑 and Queen 👑as well and they offer his grandparents to send him to the Royal School even though he was not a Prince.Soon after he will meet the Prince of England🇬🇧 the future King and it will be love at first sight.... please read full story💫.

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Chapter one

Hey guys so this is my first time in writing stories on such a huge platform. But over the years I have developed a really huge enthusiasm for writing and after reading about 500 books in my life I think that it is time for me to start writing my own. So this story is actually my first LGBTQ story. I know there must be question pertaining to why this type. Well to be honest I'm GAY and I hope that it doesn't bother you and make you look down upon me. So enough talking and let's get into this amazing love story enjoy guys!!!! Oh please forgive me for my grammatical errors .Thank you so much

Navin's POV

It was my 7th birthday and my parents had planned so many fun activities for me. I was eager to start that day; to my surprise my parents were up before I was. When usually it's the other way around,I stayed in bed for a few more minutes, when I heard a knock on my room door. I adjust myself to a sit up position,then I quickly gave permission to come in.There they were my mom and dad with the most precious smiles I have ever seen. They were holding a beautiful cake, I was so happy.... they sang the birthday song to me and I couldn't help but notice how miraculous my parents sounded together it was like hearing angels singing to me. Afterwards I quickly made a wish that this would be the best birthday ever and blew the candles out. My parents and I stayed there for sometime and laughed and talked until they told me that I should get ready; because they are taking me to the fun park to spend the rest of my day. I quickly rushed into the bathroom and showered. I got out after about 15 minutes later, I saw that there was a blue shirt and a blue Jean on my bed with a note "happy birthday sweetie" with a golden band. I place the band on my hand,which it fitted perfectly. I admire it for a while and quickly got dress. A few moments later, I heard my mom calling for me to come downstairs to get going. I got down and saw my mom and dad waiting for me at the front door.

We all got into the vehicle and made our way to the park. It was beginning to be a wonderful drive. I was so relaxed and ready to face anything today and have the best birthday ever. It was about 15 minutes later when my dad stopped at the stop light and we waited. Soon after the light turned green and my dad started the drive again,but no one expected what was about to happen. In just a few seconds another car came from nowhere and hit our car. Our car rolled over and over again until everything was broken. I realize my forehead and nose were bleeding along with a few bruises. I look to the front of the car and saw my mom and dad lifeless in there seats. I thought to myself that they were probably unconscious, but after shaking and calling for them for about 30 minutes and they didn't responded. I felt tears came rushing down my eyes like there was a waterfall on my face. I sat there and cried and cried until someone came and rescue me from the crushed vehicle.

I quickly jumped when my alarm clock went off, for some reason I was happy that it did... because if it didn't I would have probably woken up with a sad mood. Even though I'm sad now already. I would have been more sad if I had dreamt the entire incident out.i have been dreaming about that every now and then and sometimes I would even get nightmares about it. I got out of bed and headed for the shower because I didn't want to be late for school. My life is very calm. I'm living with my grandparents who are kind of close with the royals here in Kensington. I have visited the palace a few times for a few celebration but have never meet the royal family and their son the prince. Nevertheless they rule the kingdom and everything in it. They are great rulers and everything is perfect in this city and I'm happy living here with my grandparents. I got out of the shower and decided that I will wear a black jean with a white shirt. I got down stairs and saw my grand mother and said morning greetings. My grandfather had already left to go the palace. I had cereals for breakfast and brushed my teeth and left for school. There are actually two schools in the city one for the normal people and one for royals . My school was for the normal people and was actually about 20 minutes walk from my home. So I didn't mind walking every day. Soon after I arrived at school I saw my one and only best friend Angel. We became friends ever since I came to live here with my grandparents. She is the only person I talked too at school or for the matter fact everywhere. I do speak to people yes but only when necessary.

We greeted each other and headed inside where it was like a carnival of students everywhere making their way to their classes and locker. Angel and I make our way to our locker since it was right next to each other. We gather our books needed for first period and heading our separate ways. I got to my class and sat in my usual seat at the window alone and waited for the teacher to arrived. Few moments later the teacher Mr.Dawson arrived and we began class. First period was great and then I went on to my second period for Math class. Math can sometimes be boring since I don't really understand half of what is said to me. But I would go home and do some research and look at some videos on YouTube to get a better understanding so I will manage to keep up my good grades with my best friend.

Second period was over in no time and I made my way to the cafeteria. I got there and I saw Angel sitting at a table with a lot of guys around her. So I grab my lunch and headed to another empty table to eat my lunch. Few minutes later I saw making her way towards my table.

"What's up fat ass" angel said,

I quickly told her to shut up and she laughed.

"What do you mean shut up you have a fat ass though and it can even make the prince go crazy" she said in response.

I rolled my eyes and started to eat my lunch. After I moved to london I realized I was also gay, but I didn't tell anyone besides my grand parents. My grandmother was supported as always but my grandfather took sometime to accept it. But I never actually had a boyfriend before, I was just attracted to guys and see myself marrying a guy one day. After about a year in high school I told Angel since she was my bestfriend. She said it was kool and she love me anyways. After that everything was perfect. The rest of the day flew by so fast and I was waiting for angel at our locker so we can head home together and looked at some movie or complete homework like we do everyday. After waiting there for about 4 minutes I saw her making her way through the crowd.

"Sorry to keep you waiting your majesty" she said in a sarcastic tone.

" I forgive you "I said sarcastically

We laughed and headed our way out of school to angel's car. I am kind of fascinated about royals from since I came to live here in London. I became much more after visiting the palace and saw a lot of ancient and extravagant things in the palace. After a short ride we got home and headed inside. There we met my grandparents I was shocked to see my grandfather home. I became worried of somethings bad might have happen. Angel and I greeted them and they turned their attention to us. My grandfather approached us and hugged angel and asked if we can have a talk in the kitchen so we made our way there while angel and my grandmother talked on the couch.

"Whats the matter is something wrong " I asked.

"No nothing is wrong my son. I just wanted to tell you that the royal family have decided that we join them tomorrow night for dinner they will like to discussed something important to myself and my family. So I wanted to tell you that and if you can please prepared yourself for 8pm and you can also bring angel along with you since you two are inseparable." My grandfather reassured me.

To be honestly I was a little taken back to have such a privilege to actually have dinner with the royal family,but I remain calm and humble. I'm a very humble guy I don't act all excited and all. That's my best friend department, I thanked my grandfather and he smile and made his way out of the kitchen. I was so happy that I actually felt tears settling in my eyes due to joy, which I quickly wiped away. I came out of the kitchen and headed to my room which angel was already in. I open the door to see angel on my laptop looking at some YouTube videos of cats since their were her favourite animals. She saw me and turned her attention.

"Hey are you okay?" She asked with worried written all over her face.

"Yes I'm fine" i said reassuring her.

"You don't seem fine, wanna talk about it?" She asked.

So I decided that I will give her the news. I sat on the bed and smiled childishly towards her.

"Are you okay, your smiling at me like your crazy, and as much as you have one of the best smiles I have ever seen your creeping me out. Now tell me what did you and your grandfather talked about that has you this way." She asked with curiosity all over her face.

I laughed.

" you know my grandfather is the advisor to the king and tomorrow night he wants my grandfather and his family to join them for dinner to discuss something important with us." I started off to say.

"Are you freaking serious Navin that's amazing!!" Angel said.

"That's not the best part as yet you can also come with us." I said to her

A sudden screamed roared throughout the room and my grandparents quickly knock on the door.

"Is everything okay in there" they asked

I quickly told angel to be quiet and told my grandparents that everything is fine I'm just telling her about tonight. Afterwards we talked about that for sometimes and think of what to wear and even fantasize if we were royal and role play like we were Queens and joked around. Until it was time for Angel to head home. Angel's parents also died when she was very young and she is living with her big brother since I came here to live . So I guess that is why we both understand each other so well. Night had finally came and my grandmother called my downstairs for dinner. Dinner was quiet and delicious.

"So how do you feel about going to the palace Navin?" Grandma asked.

"It will be an honor to attend such important event grandmother" I quickly responded.

"You sound well prepared my child" granddad responded after.

After dinner I headed to my room to shower and decided that I will look at movies since its Saturday night. I lay in bed and looked at a LGBT about two prince in love together until I fell away.

So this is the end of this chapter guy I hope you guys really love it. Please like ,vote and comment about your views please I love you guys and thank you guys for the support

Love Empress :).

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