All through a dream

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Ariza was a normal office worker but her life drastically changed as she started seeing past and future in her dreams.

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Unfolding the past

I am Ariza Zoe. I used to have a perfectly normal happy life of an office worker. I live alone in the city, working hard to save up for my marriage. My parents and my sister live in the country side. As I am busy in working days I rarely have time to feel lonely and in days off I usually spend time with my fiancee. I had the perfect peaceful life until I started seeing past and future in my dreams.

Some people might think it is cool. But fact is thanks to this power I doze off anytime and anywhere to have this unwanted prophecies. I almost got fired, burned, drowned all owing to this power.
I came to discover I was a head imperial mage in my past life. In my past life, I ended being killed.

I remember the face of my killer. So, what now? Should I try to find him? Am I suppose to take revenge? Will I be free of this power if I take revenge?
Fortunately or unfortunately fate saved me of the trouble to look to him. I came across him in my neighborhood.
The problem is, he is just a kid. He is younger then I expected him to be, but I am fairly certain it is him.
Should I kill him? Kidnap him? Scare him? Fine him? Or sue him for killing me around a thousand years ago?
I started feeling dizzy.

“You are finally up? This is my place. I had some women from the locality help me carry you here as you fainted. Of course I had to say you are my cousin.

Here have some water.”

I silently looked around for a few seconds. As I hesitated to take the glass of water, he silently put down the glass without saying anything.

“Where are your parents, kid? Won’t they be worried for bringing a stranger home?” I asked trying to be polite.

“I am not a kid. I will be 16 this year. You can call me Zayden.
And my parents died in an accident last year. This is my uncle’s house. He lives abroad. So, I am sort of watching over his place.”

“I am sorry to hear that.”

“It’s fine. It is retribution for killing you anyway.”

I fell silent. I saw the past after I collapsed, so I was unsure of how to respond.

“I should go home now. I will drop by tomorrow to discuss about it.”
A deep sigh felt my mouth as I left his house. The dream make it clear what I had to do.

As promised I stood before his door the very next day.

“Would you like some tea or coffee?” Zayden asked politely.


He headed to the kitchen without anymore words.

I clenched my fist for a moment and unzipped my bag and took out a chopping knife.

I silently went to kitchen, stood behind him and tightened my grip on the knife.

“Aren’t you going to kill me?” He asked as if he expected this to happen.

I fell on my knees. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t kill him.

Not because he was a kid but because he used to be an apprentice whom I treasured.

In the past life Zayden was a couple of years older then me but he never hold any prejudice and use to come to me every week to learn alchemy and sorcery. His wish was to join the imperial army as a mage. There were many skilled mages who were far more experienced than me and even took teaching sorcery as their profession but he always insisted that I had to be the one teaching him.
He was hard working and passionate when it came to learning. So I was happy to have him as an apprentice.

That day he came to have his lesson on due time. He stood quietly without any type of greetings. I figured he was depressed about something so I tried to lighten up the mood.

“I will tell you something exciting. I am working on a new high level invisibility spell. I am sure it will come handy during wars and it may even save you sometime. I will make sure to make you the first one to share the spell with once it’s completed.” I said gleefully.

He asked, “How long will it take to complete the spell?”

“A month counting the testing time if everything goes well.”

Zayden took a deep breath and said, “Can you lend me your ears? I have something to say.”

He whispered something to my ears but I couldn’t hear anything.

“Sorry, Zayden I didn’t get you.”

I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. My hand was covered in blood. My own blood. Everything slowly faded.

Even after everything I still couldn’t kill him. I kept weeping like a child instead. He said nothing.
I got up on my foot and said, “I need to reorganize myself a bit. If you could give me your contact informations, I could come by another time to talk this over.”

He gave me his number. I was about to leave but then stopped for a moment and asked without turning back “Do you intend to kill me again?”

“No, not this time. I only came to receive whatever retribution I deserve.”

“Then I will call you back.”

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