All through a dream

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Filling the puzzle

I was holding a note. The writings in it seems to be verses of a poem.
I took the note and went to Zayden’s house. His house was empty.
I went to his bedroom and found a locker with a digital lock. I looked at the note in my hand and then unlocked the locker and took out a dairy from inside.
The dairy was blank but a few pages were cut and a key was placed inside.

I opened my eyes wide and realized I just had I just had a precognition.

So I have to open that locker and find the key. What was on that note again? I barely noticed what was written though the note was very vivid.

I decided to close my eyes again hoping to get another glimpse of the note.

I took a pen, a note copy and waited with my eyes close. The view of the white paper started becoming clear after a while. I wrote it down as fast as I could.

The note read:

"From where the devil descents;
Where now they create disarray decieving human as they may;
As they used to reside where it is utter bliss which was said to to lost by the tale of wise John of London;
Noble as he was, but fell from grace, had a dire price to pay;
What may be truth, we sought to solve”

P.s: Look for what’s common everywhere. Let your position lead the way.

I sighed. Why couldn’t I just see the pass-code in my dream? And who made such a riddle for a clue?
It’s only half the problem though.
It is not as if Zayden will just let be through and lead me to his locker. I have to somehow sneak in when he is not home.
Sneak in? Like I have his apartment keys....

For now, let’s focus on the task at hand. I took a deep breath and looked at the note again.

Devil descends from hell, they create disarray in earth by deceive humans. A place of utter bliss which was said to be lost by John of London must be paradise.
Devil was originally a being favoured by God but he became devil after falling from grace.
What be seek to solve should be a mystery.

I couldn’t find any possible digit after analyzing the verses. Not could I figure what my position might have to do with all this. But considering the 3rd verse specifically refers to paradise and not heaven means each answer has an individual significance.

“Hell, earth, paradise, devil, mystery” I keep muttering these words to myself all day. After thinking all day, I decided to retire for the day.
As I turned off the lights and crushed on my bed something clicked my mind.

I switched on the light, took a pen and copy and wrote down the words one below another.


Of course, my position will have nothing to do with it. The only thing common in these words is “e” and their position.....
The password should be 21825.

I felt like I achieved something heavenly. I went to sleep with a peaceful mind.

The next few days I kept going near his place whenever I had time just to try and find a time when Zayden is not home. Since it was summer time and all schools were closed, it was hard to find that out. I did feel like a stalker but I did manage to find out the time he goes for a walk. So I decided to break in his house the next day.

As I stood before his door, I took a deep breath and dial his number.


“Hello, Zayden. Could you open up in am in front of your door. I made a lot of pie and I thought I could share some with you.”

“But I am not home right now. You can leave the pie In front of the door. I will pick it up later.”

“Actually there is something else. You see have diabetics and I am kind of in an emergency situation. You see I can’t go back like this...”

“I do have the kitchen window unlocked, the one near the backward. It will be tough to get it but if it helps....”

“Thank you.”

I immediate cut off the line and cursed myself. I just used the most stupidic and embarrassing excuse possible.

Getting through the window was tougher then I expected. The window was quite high up the ground and just above the sink. I feared the sink might break if I stepped on it. I somehow managed to land on the countertop.

I totally felt like a crimanal and hoped nobody saw me.

I went to his room, took out note as i found the locker and crossed my finger hoping I get the password right.

I pressed 21825 on the keypad and fortunately the locker opened with a click sound.
As I divined, there was a diary inside but I found no key there instead a spell written in German in a page of the diary.

“Von dem Land, das zwischen Himmel und Erde liegt, dem Land, das keine Lüge erzählt und Erinnerungen an die Vergangenheit jedes möglichen Lebens bewahrt; Wenn du seinen Schlüssel sicher aufbewahrst, befehle ich dir, ihn seinem Beschwörer zurückzugeben.”

As I read out the spell, the spell disappeared and a key appeared instead.

As I hold the key, I collapsed again.

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