All through a dream

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To the future

The walked through an alley surrounded by doors holding a key in my hand. Most of the doors were open and as I peeked I saw all the doors shows different incidences from my past. A bit ahead I found a locked door. I inserted the key in the key hole expecting the door to unlock but it didn’t. I walked farther ahead tried unlocking every unlocked doors I came across as I walk and eventually found the right door.

I saw Zayden trying to dug a whole in the graveyard by the town. He buried my body there, offered a prayer and walked back to the town.

“There is the apprentice of that witch. Capture him. Don’t let him escape.” An imperial soldier shouted.
Zayden stood still and submitted himself without resistance.

He was dragged to the castle and hold down before the king.

“Now tell me, where that witch is.” The emperor roared.

“I don’t know. Even if I did, I would never tell someone who sold off his own subordinate to the enemies.”

“Even if you don’t co-operate we will find that witch in no time. Even if I don’t, the neighboring countries will. There is no place to hind within this continent. If you choose to stay silent, I will have to assume you are a co-conspirator.”

“She is no witch. She is the most loyal subject. It’s all your scheme because you fear her power.”

Take him away. He is guilty of treason. He along with that witch were trying to take over the throne.
Stone him and burn him alive in front of the whole city.
And search far and wide for that witch, leave no stone unturned. She must not be allowed to go unpunished.” The emperor shouted.

I saw Zayden getting burned and stoned to death but with his last remaining strength he cast the final spell of his life.

When I opened my eyes, it was already dark outside. Zayden was sitting right in front of me holding his head down.

I got up and left without a word.

Two weeks later, I went to his place again, we talked things out and I lied seeing a fair woman in my dreams who told me to take care of him and told that I wanted to adopt him.

I dialed my fiancee’s number in Zayden’s presence and informed I decided to adopt Zayden.

He said, “What non-sense. You didn’t know that kid a month ago. And adopting him before our marriage? Have you thought about how people will react? People will think there is something wrong with either one of us. Why adopt him? Do you have any idea how much trouble it will cause?”

“I told I already made my decision.”

I listened quietly as my fiancee kept complaining.

I took a deep breathe and said “Do as you see fit.”

I cut off the line.

“He called off the marriage?” Zayden asked.

I remained silent.

He spoke up after a while.
“I will definitely grow up to be a responsible adult.”

“I am sure you will.”

After that incident, I turned back to a normal girl, without any precognition I started leading a casual life and often attended to few blind dates. Though I adopted him, Zayden insisted on staying at his uncle’s place. We often have meal together and share our free time. My life turned back to its usual track.

“Are you leaving office early today?” A colleague asked.

“Yes, it is going to rain hard in an hour. I have to put off my laundries. You should head out soon too, it will be tough getting home in all that rain.”

“But the weather forecast said no such things.” She replied confused.

“I just had a hunch.”

I smiled as I left the office.

Maybe I am not so normal after all.

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