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Just a collection of short dialogues between Violet and Summer. I wrote these as self-help while going through depression...

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Blaze Summer was an unwanted child. His father left him before he was born, and his mother blamed him for his father's disappearance. But despite those circumstances, he stayed gentle and a kind kid.

Violet Forrest lived next door, and somehow her destiny was entwined with his.

When he was six, he saved her from drowning in the pool. When he was thirteen, he stumbled across Violet's family heirloom that she had lost in the carnival. When he was seventeen, he pushed Violet and saved her from the car accident. But he couldn't come out unharmed.

He fell into a comatose state. He could not see, speak, or move, but he could hear everything. When he was in that state, he heard his mother say something very terrible.

He woke up four years later, emotionally broken. When he went back home, he found out that his mother had sold off the house and gone far away. At that time, Violet took him in. Fate was calling out to her to save him...

Above is a little bit of background info (I'd never write these under my name) The dialogues occur during the three phases of their life-

When Summer was going through depression after waking up from the coma.

When Summer realized that Violet loved him.

When Summer escaped his inner demons and fell for Violet too.

The order of these short dialogues is random. So feel free to put 'em wherever you want.

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