Simon - A Valiant Person

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This is the story of a person named Simon who is disabled when performed in a film as a stuntman, His disability becomes his helplessness as he is unable to support his family. But he doesn't want to give up and move ahead in life and again supports his family but doesn't find the opportunity; still endeavouring to make an opportunity. He decides to write stunt actions for the film and meet his old friend and got a chance for writing in a film and his career surges again before despite dodging by his partner.

Sunny S Koul
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After a tragic life, he left. Up until now, he has been facing a quandary in his life. As yet, he doesn’t give up but is incapable of stable his financial problem and supports his family. He barely doesn’t have any job and is financially feeble and without any job; lost his job as a stuntman in the local movies where he did this. His passion becomes his glum incident. But still, he doesn’t want to give up and is working hard to find the way to support his family and the education for his little toddlers. He is incapable to do anything as he is on the wheelchair and paralyzed from one side of his body and he doesn’t have enough money to support himself. Doctors are sure that they can assist Simon to heal his legs, but the factor of money on this treatment is unable for Simon to pay for his legs and his paralysed body.

After being compelled by the owner to leave the house; as he didn’t pay the charge for the house where he resides. What he do now? He even doesn’t have the other option to support his family but he is endeavouring his best to resolve this matter as soon as possible. After a long time to spend in his home, he decides to do something that supports his family and in between this long gap, he supports his family based on bank’s money which he saved before the accident occurred. Now there is no option left for him and he decides to write ’scripts’ on ’stunts’ in the movies. He knows what if doesn’t do what he did before but his mind still working. His approach to other companies in his city allows him to participate in the competition that will be held after 4 months but within this time period, he has to do something that supports his family.

He starts to work hard and endeavour his best to write something different that will make the judges astonish. Initially, he castigates by everyone in his society and they taunt Simon for his silly behaviour as Simon’s age matter and in the society the father of the two children in his home and lost his job and his family is under financial crisis. Some of his neighbours castigate him for his behaviour as he is preparing for the ’stunts’ scriptwriter. He knows this is a challenge for him to achieve this task, but he decided to make it even hurdles will stop his way but he will never look back. Working day and night, hours and hours to write the script and endeavour to write something different in the stunt actions. He writes something different that was and is unrepresented by someone in the action films as he knows better if he had to begin his journey as a ‘scriptwriter for the stunt man’; for him, he also knows this task is something different as this is being directed by the director but at the same time, he knows doing a different thing sometimes alter the old ideas. His different ideas need someone who will help him to make his dream into reality and one day he meets someone as he doesn’t know who he is.
After a few days, someone knocks the door. His wife ’Andy’ opens the door and finds a man with some pages in his hands, glasses on her eyes, a smiling face stands outside the door. She asks, “How can I help you?”
“My name is Andrew and I am a professional movie stunt writer and I want to meet Simon; is he living here?”
“Yes, come in” replies Andy
Andrew steps in Simon’s house, maybe a good sign for Simon.
“Hello, Simon. I am Andrew and am a movie stunt writer.I know about you and your life and how you are tussling to support your family. But I am here for your assistance as someone gave me your address and told me about your current condition and what you are facing in your life. I know it’s hard to accept the truth but we have to accept. Well, I have a proposal for you and work for you. Will you work with me?” asks Andrew
Simon ponders and then, “Yes, but I don’t know you and you even don’t know me completely then why would you help me as you know I am not a laudable person now?”
“I still believe you can do something for your family and for your career and you have many choices depends on you how you mould your life and career,” said Andrew
“I know, but my current situation doesn’t allow me to work but still I am endeavouring my best to write‘script of stunts that will be obliging in movies and also I decided to take part in the upcoming competition” said Simon
“I will here give you the chance in my next short film where there is a lot of action in it, and you will write for my upcoming movie. I know you are thinking I am not a renowned stunt writer or director but our small steps will make us dream bigger" said Andrew
“How can we work together as you know my condition?” said Simon
“Everything is possible. You just need to say, yes for this,” said Andrew. Don’t worry, saw you last movies stunts; it’s incredible and as you know everyone praised you but after that incident stunt man’s life is very tough to live even some forget their sacrifices in movies as these gratifies are not contempt than the life of courageous soldiers. You were and are the marvellous stunt man I ever see and also the others see but after that incident, you need to stand strong to fight against your life and find a way to your future’s life,” said Simon. What do you think now? Asks Simon
He cogitates and then replies, “I will work for you and we will work together instead I am searching for another job in stunt writing”
“That’s great. Well, I am researching for a new type of stunt actions; different than old one and subtly it is explicit and not vaguely represented by me” said Andrew. We will work together and I am sure, your problems will sort out. I am there for you, Simon and I am sure I will assist you and your career will grow.
After listening to Andrew’s suggestion, He agrees on this project and wants to work together with Andrew. My project is explicit, and I am working on that movie that helps us both and especially you, Simon. This project will give you new ideas and plans to find a way to become a ’good stunt director.’ I know it’s a hard time but you have to move ahead in life and that’s the way, life teaches us.
After this proposal, Simon is working hard day and night and writes the best script for actions even he is researching on something different that never happened in action movies. Working hard day and night; he finds something different and put it in his writings and a week, he calls Andrew for assistance as Andrew helps him financially as well as technically also. He shares his creative ideas to Andrew and everything that he writes in his writing for action scenes; it’s going to be a long book by him on action scenes, and Andrew is delighted to see his progress and a quantum leap day by day.
One day, Andrew calls Simon to come with him to the office of the ’Action Director Managing Team’ where they are making the action scenes for the movies and Simon accepts his invitation.Andrew visits his home and then discuss his project and then they move forward to ’Action Director Managing Team’ in city ‘Deas’ Simon’s family doesn’t know Andrew and his background but their trust on him is like an elixir that saves the lives of conscious beings and might, this will assist them to save from their dilemma financial condition after Simon submit his project even Simon forgets about the competition. They meet outside their houses.
“Hey! Simon, how are you?” asks Andrew
“I am fine, thank you, Andrew, and what about you?” asks Simon
“I am fine, thank you” replies Andrew. Let’s go.
They pick the cab and then rush to the ’Action Director Managing Team’
“After reaching there, before entering their office, Andrew clarifies to Simon to conceal his project until he asks him to show to them”
Simon asks Andrew, “Why I shut my mouth?”
“Because they may steal your ideas and first, I just want to confirm that, is this a right company for us or not” replies Andrew
“But I want to say something apropos to action team,”said Simon
“Simon, I have to go they are calling me as the call is inside from the office. Andrew is being called by the head of the office and he rushes to the office to share his ideas with them” After entering the office, Andrew pointing eyes to Simon and solace him on his turn. Simon finds Andrew in a hurry and doesn’t find it appropriate to say anything to him.
After one hour, Andrew comes out from the cabin of the CEO and then rushes to Simon with a grinning face. Hey! They like my idea and they will select my idea to other but renowned company and perhaps, I will get a chance.
“Oh! Congratulations, Andrew. Best wishes for your future. Voice comes from inside and now its turn of Simon”
“As Simon enters inside the cabin, he finds his old classmate studied with him in college. Somewhere he blushed there.
“Simon, are you there?”asks Houson
“In a husky voice, Simon replies, “Yes”
“Come, Simon, most welcome. After, a long time, I see you.Come sit there, hey! What is happening to you, your legs, I mean, they were not always like this” said Houson “Well, in an incident while did my last action scene, I lost my legs, not completely but doctors told me that they can cure my legs with an operation but a large amount of money I have to pay and I don’t have enough money, so why” replies Simon “Oh!Sorry. I hope and wish your legs will be the cure in future” said Houson.Well, are you ready for the interview?Asks Houson
“Yes, I am ready” replies Simon After one hour, the interview ends and Houson sees his project work and stares at him and asks, “Simon, your work is different but something similar like the person whom I interviewed an hour ago. What’s the matter?Well, I am not castigating you but asking you; are you with him or collaborate on your work with him?” asks Houson “Yes, you are right, he is with me and I met him in my home as he wants to join me and need assistance to collaborate with him so why I joined him” replies Simon “I appreciate your work but I think there is something ‘wrong’ init” said Houson “Wrong?” said Simon

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