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This are just some mini stories. All love no deaths.

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A High schooler's life

April was 15 and new to the high school. She was shy. She didn’t have friends. The first few days she didn’t talk. A few days later in April ’s fourth class of the day which was French she met a boy named Cody. Cody was a year or two older than her. That day Cody said,“Hey I’m Cody. What’s your name?” “April,” she said shyly. Cody offered her to sit with him and his friend Chester tomorrow. She said,“OK.” As she walk out, Cody caught up to her and walked with her. They walked together for a while and when they got to the hall leading to her next class. He ran up the stairs and she walked the rest of the way. She didn’t understand why he would talk to her. Maybe he was dared to talk to her. Or maybe he was playing with her mind. She didn’t know.

The next day, they were walking to French together after lunch. She look up at him. She never noticed how soft his hair looked. She said something to do with his hair and he let her feel his hair. It was soft. He then felt her hair. It was weird, she didn’t mind him touching her hair. Usually she would freak if someone touched her hair without asking. But she didn’t. From then on he and April would walk together to the stairs, then she walked the rest of the way to her class alone. She started gaining feels for her new friend. Chester must have noticed it. Cody would play with her by poking her side. She would playfully push his hand away from her and giggled. Chester would watch and listen to them. The whole semester was like that. But when the second semester they didn’t see each other often. April got upset and depressed. She couldn’t see him anymore. One day she messaged him. She asked, “Why did you start talking to me the day we met?” He didn’t reply to her. About 5 or 6 minutes later he said, “I wanted to be nice. I thought you need a friend. I knew how it was to be new and not have friends. Yeah I thought you were cute. But that wasn’t the reason.” April felt like a jerk. But wouldn’t tell him. Since then April and Cody haven’t talked. April is still getting over it. She has a new crush and no friend. She still kinda talks to Chester. And she started chatting to a new boy Boris . She is still upset. But she isn’t going to let something like this ruin anything. Cody did his own thing and April did hers.

April is focus on school. She still has a hole where Cody was. But she’ll live. She doesn’t need Cody to be happy. She has friends and she can’t even have a boyfriend till she’s 18. She never speaks or sees Cody anymore. Her new crush’s name is Dean. He was in her 3th period class the first semester. She still always sees Dean when she is walking to 5th. She really likes him. And Cody was never heard of again. April knew why Cody stopped talking to her. She was rude about him just wanting to be nice and being friends with her. But she didn’t think about that. I first time she saw him. He looked like he was a cool dude. So she didn’t think someone as cool as him would want to talk to her just to be nice. But she is just fine. Lately April was tried to avoid looking at him, she don’t know how to feel. She cares about him. But, Kinda doesn’t want to see or talk to him.

When she walks past him she sees him but continues walking looking at the floor. She hates it but she must to what she can to get through the school year. She will finish and never have to be like this again. She’s done with Cody and everything about him. She will always care about him. But, She’ll never talk to him again.

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