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Dont lie to me. What did you see. I dont like pigs. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Walking down the street on his way home from a late shift Stoney Willow steps in something - unusual. Having issues with the cops Stoney continues his life shaken and accidentally gets himself mixed up in a murder.

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Thorny Roses
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Where it began

Its dark. Around ten oclock. Im on my way home and my usual route had been cut off for road work. I take a turn down an ally that takes me to the end of my street.

While walking I step in a puddle. Which is unusual since it hasnt rained in a week. I pull my phone out of my pocket and turn on the flash light.

Holy shit!

Great a fucking body.

I lean down in hopes this is just some beat up guy, but theres no pulse.

My breathing picks up. I wipe my hands on my jeans and walk away from the body. I pull my shoes off and decide Id rather take the long way home.

When I make it home I bring my shoes to the bathroom. I pull out a bottle of paroxide. I read in a book once that this could get rid of blood. So after cleaning my shoes I put them in the washer for extra measure. I want nothing to do with what I saw. Someone else will find that body and be a good person. Im not that someone.

I turn on the tv and let whatever channel is on play. I go to the kitchen and pull out a pan of stir fry. I take out a spoon and start scooping it onto a plate. I put the plate in the microwave and the pan back in the fridge.

I go find clothes to change into. Once I hear the microwave go off I make my way back to the kitchen. I sit on the couch and start eating my food.

I finish throw my plate away and get in the shower. Im in there for almost an hour. I climb out wrap a towel around my waist and wipe the mirror to get rid of the fog. I brush my teeth. Wash my face and go to my room. I get dressed and go to the living room to turn off the tv.

I go back to my room and lay down.

I had a rough nights sleep.

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