The Worst Time Of My Life

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my worst time in life

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There was a group of girls like 4 and they would always bully me.. I always tried fitting in.. I even changed my hairstyles similar to there’s.. once at lunch : I was doing some work to get caught up & one of the meanest girls I will call her Madison , Madison ask the table aint I pretty? I didn’t say anything but like 5 seconds after that it was a question on my paper from my work and it was one I didn’t understand so I raised my eyebrows in *shock* , Madison I guess took it as I was calling her not pretty.. and she said “ WHY U liFt yOuR eyEbRoWs {my name}” I tried to explain to her but she cut me off. She ended up calling me ugly and fake .. later in lunch: her bestfriend was pointing at all the girls at lunch at their hair saying whose hair was cute and who wasn’t and she said everyone’swas cute except mine :((.. at that point I was so upset I throw away my trash and hands my un finished work to my teacher and tells her I’m going to the bath room, I just sat in the bathroom thinking why does this happen to me!! I don’t do anything to anyone?’ ::((!! I never told anyone about the situation until a few days after . I heard lots of rumors about me . The girls was planning to “JUMP” me.. it was over Instagram and all.. I started to cry every day and every night. My mind was racing. “Im so small what am I gonna do?” Crying.. I never told anyone.. they would always eye roll me everyday in school.. I was always scared I would get ambushed... soon after I was moving.. my moms NEW boyfriend moved in, he also had a dog that moved in that caused us to move . My mom got obsessed with the dog fast. Our landlord didn’t tolerate it even if my mom tried.. we ended up having to find a home in 3 days .. if we weren’t out by the last day at 12 am it would’ve been a 10,000 dollar fee. My mom tried quick ! We got all of our stuff out and went to a hotel room..

. Our dog went and stayed with my moms boyfriend mom.. where she was at before. We found a house, we were on the way to go see it & the landlord called us and said he sold it! My mom was so upset . She was freaking out because she didn’t know how we were gonna pay that much for our hotel.. because we had to pay the storage bill for our storage with our house stuff.. it was fustrating my mom as she would get mad if me or my brother would talk to her... it was really HARD. I always called my dad to come pick me up it was lots of excuses .. but my dad also gave my mom money to help us stay at our hotel room... my moms boyfriend was no help.. he was such an asshole. I hated him with everything.. he always is so mean & childish.. he picks a lot... he gets drunk and acts a fool which scares me because I don’t know what he’d do when he’s drunk .. I never liked him. Him and my mom would argue and he’d knock things off and hit walls.. i would be so terrified... later on.. we moved into my sisters house.. it didn’t work out my mom and her would argue bc my mom boyfriend . He almost caught my sis house on fire. We moved out of her house & my mom had an old friend and her and her boyfriend stayed there over night while I wasn’t comfortable there I went to my besties house. Me and my brother went. We ended up having to go to my moms friend house .. I was so uncomfortable bc some one died in her house .. I didn’t know what to think I always looked around I couldn’t sleep.. :((.. I asked to sleep beside my mom but it was no because of her boyfriend.. I’d cry at night there under my cover... School again.. my mom would have to drop me off at school.. I’d cry before going cause I was scared.. my mom and I would cry together ... my mom and I had to go to quart because of so many days I missed and my grades.. my mom

almost got 1 year in jail... I tried to fix it.. i did a bit..! My mom and her boyfriend Ended up breaking up ..

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