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Otome games weren't really what maria found herself playing at, but all of a sudden this female gets reincarnated into one, a yandere stimulation titled clairvoyance. System (her guide) tells the female that all she needs to do is help fix the characters, but you see, things aren't what they seem and a villain lurks in the shadows, and nay be closer than she thinks - The characters are becoming more human like- And Maria's in for a ride now with her dastardly Nana, who keeps talking to her in her head?!

Other / Romance
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I’ve got doom and safety; can I replay and pick doom

‘In which maria seems it worthy to die a coward and leave the brave part to any other dumb luck idiot’

It was peaceful and serene, the air blew silently on and maria seemed in a daze, she knew she should have fought her way through that crowd to get a feel of those Kim sookin nice thighs. To put it clearly Kim sookin was an international idol from Korea that, according to the black-haired female, had graced Virginia with his presence and lovely thighs. She stared dreamily at the dark sky, those thighs and just at that moment she smiled at the light in front of her, then she squinted at it and frowned

‘how many times had I told you nana it ain't my time yet’ she grumbled out.

Those were the last words she said before she saw herself fling into the air and the impact, she made with the ground left her blank. Just blank. She thought dying was painful...then a surge of pain

Yeah- there it was, she let out a strangled cry and gazed at the light

‘fuck you nana...’

Her eyes opened and, God did she feel sore all over, then she looked up and took in the scene before her. A male standing with dilated eyes smiled maniacally whilst gripping a gun, others too behind him smiling sinisterly.

‘uh......’ the female seemed to not register what to do yet, she turned around, behind her was a female, shrinking away behind maria’s frame and pleading desperately...to who though...God?

She saw fingers gripping at the balcony railing, approaching it slowly she saw someone dangling over, using the rail to hold on to his dear life

‘well this is completely normal’ she laughed awkwardly then turned back to the group of males, whose attention had turned to her

‘hey princess guess your knight in shining armour doesn’t need to die alone’ the one pointing the gun sneered at the albino haired female who looked red as fuck...was she holding her breath?!

Then it registered they were talking about maria

‘me?’ she asked, before she was dragged harshly by the collar of her shirt. Well shit, she was going to die, after not dying before, at least she could meet her nana in heaven and shove a stick up her pretentious ass!

‘what?’ came the male holding her, his red hair dishevelled and golden.... golden eyes? Is that even possible, wait they may be contact lenses, that’s what this female wanted to believe?

The male sighed and threw her towards the wall, on impact the pain was so unbearable she let out a strangled scream

‘no need to kill this one’ the male proposed to his friends ‘her dead brain cells make up for her being dead already, killing her would be a dream come true for her’

‘the fuck are you saying man?!’ another shouted, the red-haired male turned to maria, who was still wondering why there’s so much light in her line of vision, not knowing it was the ceiling light she’s staring at and boldly she said

‘if it ain’t you nana I’m coming for you, you clown’

And the man sighed at the scene and turned to his companion as if saying- see what I mean

The band of boys decided to ignore her.

When maria discovered the light wasn’t the road to heaven and the boys weren’t paying attention to her, within a heartbeat she was already at the door, she held the doorknob, then flinched back blowing on her palm, it was hot, so, so hot. That was not stopping her. She wrapped her shirt around her hand and flung the door open.

She gasped-

This was madness how-

She couldn’t fathom why as the bright flames danced. They were everywhere. There was no way out. God really wanted her to be the hero huh.

She turned around and let out a cry running quickly towards the albino female.

‘there’s a pool below so jump!’

She pulled the female with her over the balcony whilst dragging the hanging male. Then the water drowned her vision.

They raced out of the mansion grounds soaking wet and cold, passed the numerous closely packed houses, passed the tall streetlights that provided them with light in the night. And then they came to a stop with maria panting

‘w-wait-just a-a minute’ then she collapsed on the road, when she had filled her lungs with enough oxygen, she smiled warily at the albino female and the brunet male

‘can’t we take a cab or something’

The albino looked at her weirdly ‘didn’t you see the sign- the roads closed for construction’ she said a bit amused at how maria suddenly started banging her head on a streetlight

‘of course, its closed’ the black-haired female replied sarcastically ‘so what do we do now’ she asked. Maria wished she hadn’t done this, now those psychopaths if they made it out alive. Let’s keep ‘if’ aside the real question is when they make it out.

She looked to the sky ‘I had doom and safety; the fuck did I pick doom’ she cried, and she could hear at the back of her head her nana cackling

And you thought you would come kill me. Stupid child

And she felt so angry with life ‘fuck you’ she spat, and she heard a gasp, she turned and smiled apologetically ‘not you sorry’ she said to the albino.

‘my house is just some blocks away’ the albino started



‘I said no, I’m sorry I can’t follow you from here on out’ before the albino could speak the world went grey, the colours looks as though it had drained out into a secret sink.

hello host’

Came a voice, robotic and cheerful she turned and hovering in the air a box like robot, a screen that held two dots for eyes and a curve for a smiley face. The smile turned into a semicircle then it began to speak again

‘I am system, I control the overall system and software of this game’

‘game?’ the female asked

‘yes game. Welcome maria dunes to the otome game; clairvoyance ’

The female scoffed, clairvoyance, the irony she thought remembering the occurrence she had with the boys. ‘who are you’

‘I am system!’ it chirped ′host was called after her unforeseen death. Host is the only one that cane help us!′

Maria quirked a brow, ‘help with what exactly’

‘the game of course. There’s been a virus. One that is making the characters go haywire. They’re seeking the protagonists love violently. Yes, the game is yandere- but they were meant to be no blood shed to the mob characters. Yet the characters seem to think for themselves-’

The system stopped talking when it noticed maria walking away seemly searching for a way out of this world

‘h-host what are you doing’

She shrugged ‘not my business. I want home. Now.’

The system let out a cry ‘I’m sorry host but I can’t do that- but I can do something else- a wish-if host is able to complete the mission then host can get one wish.... And that wish can be anything!’

Sly move but it was efficient seeing it caught the females attention, she looked to heaven and sighed, that wish would be for her to die....and die peacefully. So, she could go kill that saggy ass nana of hers.... wait could you kill again in the afterlife?



‘you heard me. i’m not gonna repeat myself. Ill do it- but I get any wish I want at the end, and you have to help me through this okay?’

‘anything for host’

‘so, what am I to do’ the system looked at her seemly pleased he was able to persuade her

‘you have to guide the characters back on track, but ill warn you host be careful dying is not an option’

‘how do I get them back on track’

‘rewrite the script, reduce whatever triggers their blood lust’

God if you're listening now I deserve a lot more in heaven when I get there, this were maria’s thoughts


The world was given back its colour and the albino before maria held a pout

’Maria-’she started, the albino blinked then smiled ‘sally, sally roe thanks for saving us-but I must insist-’

‘i'll come’ maria immediately replied rubbing on her brown skinned arm.

The boy beside sally quirked a brow then stepped forward

‘Dalton roe’ he said before walking away. Sally pulled on maria’s hand

‘c’mon let’s go!’

She’s quite chirpy for someone who was just almost killed, maria smiled, do it for the wish, she chanted in her head

Only for the wish

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