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Just a quick summary of my new series.

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Dark reality series

This is three part series that you don't necessarily need to read in order to understand. Dark reality is a series about how different scenarios in a mafia can affect a female or even a male lead.

Breaking His Deadly Control (Part one):

The first part will show how a defiant, independent, and a feisty young women will collide with a cruel, dominating, and controlling Mafia Boss.

Brazil and Portugal have a long history, crime of all sorts are found in both countries. But the drug ring is much bigger in Latin America than it is in Europe.

Llorona's family lives in a dangerous part of Brazil where crime is very high. Things turn sour when her mother is killed in a robbery and her older brothers try and find the people responsible, despite their father's countless warnings.

She is defiant, curious and lastly intelligent. Being Brazilian probably has some connection, but she doesn't take well to other's bullshit. Her Brazilian name is Llorona, but she might be called Rona or Lorraine in some cases. She is 17 when the story begins.

The male lead is a very dominant, attractive and dangerous man. He intends to rule his family with an iron fist and has zero tolerance for traitors or rule breakers. His origin comes from Portugal where he is growing his alliances and becoming well known. He is called Ramiro and he is 21.

His Morphine (Part two): This story is about how a young woman tries to understand and help her captor, despite the horrible deeds he has committed towards her. She is still defiant, but she slowly starts to lower her walls as she realizes her situation. Little does she know, a clearer mind makes this psychopath even more dangerous, manipulative, and cruel.

Dario Soriano has accomplished more as a 24 year old Don than anyone has before. Part of this was caused by his father's harsh training, molding him to be a perfect killing machine. But the other part is his inability to feel remorse, love or really any basic human feelings since birth.

Davina Kohl is a beautiful 19 year old destined for great things. She was planning on having a photography degree for her dream job, but that gets shattered once she is thrown in the hands of Dario because of her father's mistake.

Aching For Relief (Part three): The last part is the most depressing of the three stories. The female has completely broken down and gives in to her captor for relief. The tide turns once he realizes his deadly mistake, but it's too late to pick up her shattered pieces.

Russia is known for its cold climate and history. Most crime groups here are cold and have no remorse for the damage they cause.

The Kabinov's are no different. Matvei Kabinov is turning 27 soon and still has no hier. He is a very picky man and wants the perfect woman to bear his children. The sex trade is a big money maker in his empire and this might be a good start.

Harley McCarthy is a young English woman who is stuck with caring for her mother who has racked up debt from her husband's death. Harley's childhood wasn't much better with bullying at school then coming home to a verbally abusive household.

At 21 years old, her life takes a 180 when her mother is forced to pay a little early and she is sent off to Russia.

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