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The story is about a prudent girl who aspires to be a badminton player in the secure shadow of her dad. But as said by Shakespeare, world is a stage we are all the actors in it, the destiny takes over the girl's dreams, first she looses her dad,then her confidence. The void state of her takes over her completely. the main part is her coping up with it and facing the reality and fights the world to become a badminton player.

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I was sitting in the greenroom of st. Marie college of delhi, analysing the points I will be covering in the annual day speech, waiting for my beautician on the other side to groom me. This was my first public appearance after getting famous and I was edgy. On the other hand, I felt I was the prettiest woman on earth, wearing my favourite black long frock which I recently bought with Suriya.. assumption though. I figured I'll be speaking regarding how important sports are important in children’s life, how they can manage their health and studies simultaneously and all. I was sure about my speech though excited and nervous. While I was in my deep thoughts, the managing director, Mrs. Sirisha, was at the door knocking. Mrs sirisha was a middle aged woman, quite fair and always had a charm in her face whenever she smiles. She dressed up utterly grand in a green saree with a gold border all over. She entered the room along with a tall,wheatish young girl , holding a black bag with her, whom I supposed to be a beautician and she was too. She wore a grey kurta with pink pants and was walking like a model in Miss universe. She was very confident about looks which I figured out with her black lip color precisely.

“ Good evening, Mrs. Naina, such a pleasure to have you here.``said Mrs. sirisha with a wide grin on her face. '' Pleasure is all mine” , I said with the same smile as her, my brain still trying to memorise the points I'm going to speak. She introduced me to Nisha, the beautician. There was a minute of silence while Nisha unpacked her black bag and Sirisha left to the backstage as she was the managing director.

I continued to memorise my speech while looking at Nisha unpacking. Soon she was done and asked me if she needed heavy makeup or light makeup. I didn't know the difference and asked her for a makeup that suits my dress and me. She smilingly nodded and got on her work. She took out a moisturiser and started applying it on my face. It smelled more like peach and had a soothing feel. She continued with her work and I was just lying there in the chair waiting for her to finish it. It took her 15 mins to break the silence. “ would you like a red lipcolor??” she asked, expecting I would say yes. “ of course” , apparently I didn't know much about it anyhow. I wanted some noise in the room as it was a scary silence. I asked her to pass my phone so that I could just listen to some music.

It was half an hour past and we were enjoying our own worlds. It so happened that the moments happening after that literally changed my thought process. “ would you like to hide that scar with your hair or you wanna keep it visible??” asked Nisha in a doubtful tone pointing towards the scar I had on my neck . I looked at the scar and went into the deeper thoughts of it. I was mute and the visuals of all the incidents of the scar just flew like some show going on in my mind which I can’t actually see but I can feel it all happen right then.How did the scar appear? Why is it still there? Who is responsible for that scar? These questions were all answerable in that visuals. Everything just touted me and suddenly I was woken up by nisha saying “madam! Madam! Are you okay? Is everything good??” utterly terrified by my motionless figure. “Yes”I replied though I wasn't giving a chill smile to hide my ‘not in the world’ psyche.. “ thank god” “ was just petrified seeing you not moving.” she said, still not calm. “ hey just got drowsy with all this, chill im fine..” I tried to get her relaxed by this sentence but still she was the same. “ madam would u like to cover your scar?” she repeated in a voice better than before. “Well no. let be . I don't wanna cover up. After all, a flawless human isn't born at all.” I said, with a snappy smile.

She smiled and after 10 mins she was done. “ you look very pretty ma’am. Black is just for you. You look stunning.” she said with a wide smile on her face and dazzling eyes.

“Thank you ..” She smiled back and started to pack her things. Right then I heard mic sounds and was sure I would be called on stage in no time. So I adjusted myself out of that chair and tried to recollect the points that I have to speak.

Right after 10 mins, a student came up and requested me on the stage. I accepted her request and followed her to the stage. The stage was enormous and filled with coloured. I stood backstage for a moment and Mrs. Sirisha reappeared full of beans. “ you look stunning ma’am.” she exclaimed. “Thank you”. Apparently both of us had to shout while conversing because of the music on stage. The anchors were welcoming the audience and Mrs. sirisha took me to the front of the stage. The hall was quite big, accommodating around 1000 people. Huge commotion was there when i entered the stage, people were wooing cheering slapping . It made me feel like I was indeed a very special human who had a great place in people's hearts. The principal, Mr. Ramesh Thakur,vice principal , Mrs Shamala rathod and some other people whom I evidently didn't know, welcomed me with a wide grin. There was a prayer song and lamp lighting, continued by the dances of the students.

In the meantime, the students have arranged a personal interview for me which I obliquely didn't know. I was surprised after hearing the announcement but I had no other way than to answer them since it was a public place.

So I started to answer.

“ good evening ma’am. I am Neha of BA . I would like to interview you. Would you permit us to know little things about you?”

“ with pleasure”

She continued with her interview about me, my hobbies and my favourites. At last she asked a question which made me go numb.

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