Why Should We Vote?

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Important conversation that must be had. November 3 you have an opportunity to make your voice heard take it. We all matter.

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Melissa Walker
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Why Should We Vote?
We need to vote because that is one of many important avenues we can use to make our voices heard.
Change occurs when we as people refuse to be silent.
In order for the voting rights act to be signed into law in 1965 we had to make noise.
There's a saying that goes closed mouths don't get fed.
The elected officials work for us we do not work for them!!!
Let's think about our ancestors and how hard they had to fight in order for others to have the right of voting.
Our ancestors were beaten, tear gassed, degraded, lynched and a whole lot more.
Hearing stories such as George Floyd's story is absolutely devastating but let's remember who puts those individuals in power we do.
Remember this your voice deserves to be recognized.
Let's not be discouraged but instead motivated to organize and bring about positive change.
The Presidential election is November 3 if you have never participated in an election before November 3 is your opportunity!!!!
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