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In the Rain ...

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The moon concealed the weight of gloomy, grizzled clouds, and thousands upon thousands of raindrops peppered the earth beyond its fertile soil. Tonight, Sydney didn’t notice. She had no one and each day she lived a lie. Not purposely; she tried to be normal, act normal, whatever people’s idea of normal was.

She’d vagabonded the unknown streets for hours, umbrella in hand, coming upon a murky lake. Slumping on a wooden bench, Sydney sighed. Almond, brown eyes filled with unshed tears that fell when she shut them, erasing the world around her. Unable to breathe, mental walls collapsed suffocating her lungs out of their last breath.

“Are you okay?” The soft, melodic voice gave her body a jolt. But she saw no one.

“Wh-who’s there? Where are you?!” she stammered.

“In here.”

Her eyes strained. “Where?”

“In the water.”

Sydney heard laughter in his voice. It angered her.

Striving to adjust her sight to the dim lights she squinted and lowered her head. Finally, she made out the silhouette of a young man who was naked from the chest up.

“What are you doing in there? Isn’t the water freezing?”

“No. Not really.” He cocked his head. “Why are you crying?”

“Not your business! I-I should go.”

Her attempt to leave was futile and the stranger laughed. “Why aren’t you gone?”

Cradling her head a heavy sob escaped her. “I have nowhere to go!”

“Don’t cry. Come closer,” his voice allured.

“No, you get out instead.”

“I can’t.”


“I live here.”

“What do you mean you live there?”

“In the water.”

Careful not to come too close she stretched her head and peeked.

“See?” He lifted his torso to reveal scales and a fishtail came out of the water.

Mouth agape, legs weak, Sydney fell to her knees. His skin hypnotized her and she couldn’t stop staring.

“W-what are you?!”

“What are you?”

“What?! Human of course! And, don’t change the subject! Are you a- merman?

“I guess that’s what humans would call me, yes.”

“What would you, call you?”

He produced a series of clicks, pulses, and whistles.

“Oh ...!” Sydney no longer noticed the rain hit her face, her teetering teeth nor her trembling body. “Why are you here?”

“I heard the song in your heart.”

Unable to speak, her eyes grew in awe.

“In our world, it is said when you hear it, you’ve found the one who belongs. I heard.”

Sydney stood dumbfounded skeptical of what he said.

“You don’t believe me? Come closer, I’ll show you.”

“How?!” She quivered.

“I must kiss you.”


He assented, the jet black hair sleek, matted against his scalp, his eyes mesmerizing.

Sydney came closer. The first touch of their lips, magical. Electricity shocked her spines. Strong arms surrounded her and she felt his warmth all over.

“Come,” he whispered against her lips.

She nodded and dove in.

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