A dead Mans journel

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this is abought rays thought before he dies what was in his mind threw family problems losing everything he loves trying to keep his wife loving him dies alone outside in the rain he will be remembered threw my book dedicated to him.

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chapter one dead mans journal

The Beginning of this book my journal Thanks its not for me ill just hold it all in

Better that I do that then to be misunderstood or taken the wrong way. And keep from thinking it’s all abought me and my issues are more important than others because it’s not abought me and my feelings at all is it.

2019 I recall when I was growing up and I lived with my parents before the divorce we loved and respected our parents and respected the elderly we took care of family and family took care of us we had family outings and everyone would come and have a good time and it was real meaning it was real family love No drama arguments no disrespecting just family getting along and making good memories that we could look back on and smile the good old days but so much has changed and not for the good we all are to blame no pointing fingers and saying its not my fault cause if you can honestly say your innocent that you didn’t have anything to do with this or that then more then likely your not only involved and have something to do with it your probably more to blame than anyone cause people will do anything to make them feel better abought them selves or make others feel small bought themselves or so they come out on top in the situation then back to smiling faces being fake go out of your way to feel happy.

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