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A short story compilation written to have a different perspective on things. How some of very normal things can change your perspective of viewing things differently. The stories might make you want to think or sometimes might leave you hanging ? Let's get started for a million of journeys in just a few words.

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A tree friend

Looking back now, I miss my childhood days. Those were some pretty awesome days. I can totally call them my golden days. And the most memorable time spent were with a very unlikely friend. I still remember how it all started. I was 9 or 10, when once I was playing with my friends. That time we loved playing hide seek. So to hide from my friends I went pretty far away to hide.

It was a good decision because no one could find me for a long time. While hiding I could see a large tree. I realized that I hadn't seen such a huge tree in my life. It gave out a very peculiar and a sweet fragrance which made me go closer to the tree. I went near to the tree. It appeared to me more huge that I thought it was. I touched its bark which was quite rough and hard. Seeing the girth of its trunk I wondered to myself, "How old would it be?"

Naturally, I was expecting an answer but how could a tree would have answered that question. I, wanting my answer, searched someone but could not find anyone around. Then I went back to the tree. Looked it for some time and then a thought came to me which was, "What would be the view from above there?" I wanted to climb it. I tried doing so but again and again I was not able to climb it. Tired I sat down the tree. Soon, without my knowledge, I slept in its shade. It felt as if the tree personified itself and came to me in a dream. It held me in his hands. Just like a mother would make a child sleep he made me sleep.

I slept there for quite a while. I was woken up by my friends and then I went back to my house. Since then, I regularly went to the tree. Over the period of months we bonded with each other. My day was not complete without meeting 'Big Buddy' as I called it out of affection. Whenever I visited big buddy I watered him and sung my favorite songs to it. Whenever I felt upset or frustrated I visited him and surprisingly my mood would instantly lighten up seeing him. When I for some reason did not visit him, a feeling of loneliness would take over me.

Not only me, my family too bonded with big buddy. Whenever they got time they would also visit him. He soon became just like a family member and it became a tradition for our family to spend time with big buddy on Sundays for 4-5 hours when everyone was free. There we spent some quality time with each other. It not only made us better humans but in turn also bettered our relationship with each other. Everything was going well. We were joyous and more open with each other.

Once what happened was, that a thunderstorm struck the city and everyone was indoors. A large thundering sound was heard by us. Apparently lightning bolt did hit the ground. It showed in the news too. I wondered if the storm would affect big buddy. But I put up the thought from my mind very quickly. I thought that big buddy is around for quite sometime now and has seen and survived more storms like this. He will be fine.

The next day when I visited him. I was heartbroken. My best friend, the only self less thing I knew. Who gave us shade, fruits, beautiful flowers and many more uncountable things was lying on the ground. Apparently lightning hit where the old and huge tree stood alone. Me and my family was very upset and tried to cope up with the loss of a best friend.

One day, upset, I was walking down the road near to the place where big buddy stood. I looked at that place from afar hoping to get back big buddy but in vain. Downcast, I walked ahead then suddenly a same peculiar and sweet fragrance came to me and I went running towards the place. To my surprise there were a lot of small seedlings coming out of the barren ground. Their green color covered whole of the ground. I was rejoicing the scene I was seeing. It felt as if before going big buddy gave me a parting gift.

Time passed and I bonded with those new friends. Not only our family but everyone in the city would visit them on Sundays. It became everyone's favorite spot. Though I bonded with the trees but the bond I shared with big buddy was a special one. I would not ever forget him. He will remain in my memories forever. Because he was my true friend rather hew was a tree friend. I miss him sometimes but he lives on as the trees who are the favorite of many people.
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