Who’s True?

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Lyra has two friends and two enemies. But she has yet to figure out who’s who.

Other / Drama
Choi Suet
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Who’s True?

My hair blocked my sight. The goldish-brown tips brushing across my brows. I closed my eyes and breathed in the heavy wind that blew against me. I took in its fresh smell, along with the bittersweet scent of revenge.

I opened my eyes, deliberately slower than what it should’ve taken, it added effect to the fear in my enemies’ faces. His anguish filled me with joy. I knew it was wrong to feel this way. For once, happiness coursed through my veins, it was evil, and it was exhilarating.

The other girl, her face, the one I saw everyday, I hated it. My green eyes burned with fire, with rage. It took all of my strength not to end her here. Both of them had caused me pain, had destroyed my life. Over and over again. Now it was my turn.

Both of them hung off of a cliff, the rocky sides were crumbling, groaning under their weight as they struggled to hang on. Dust covered their faces, and I knew they were afraid to shake the filth off of themselves because if they did, they’d let go. They’d lose the strength that they desperately needed, and fall on their own.

I sneered in their direction, I absolutely detested their faces. Whenever I saw them, I saw my worst fears. They were a power duo. Always against me, against everyone.

“Who? Who should it be?” I asked menacingly, pacing back and forth. I turned towards the girl, Daylinh Hunter, and leaned in close to her face. I could see my reflection in her blue-black eyes and I stumbled back at what I saw. My hair stuck out with stress, the braid I always wore was messy from constantly pulling at it. My eyes were rimmed with red, puffy and lined with shadows from missing sleep. Just looking at myself made my bones feel tired and aching.

I shook the shock off, along with the haunted look in my eyes. I shouldn’t be the broken one, it should be the twins hanging before me. I looked down at them and realized that finally, I was the one in control. I could tell that it scared them. I took a step forward which made Dayan, Daylinh’s reckless, short-tempered brother, snarl at me. His guarded eyes glazed over with rage when I snarled back.

“It’s not us,” Daylinh said, with that soft but commanding voice she’d always use. I didn’t want to hear it, I didn’t want to be told who was what, and what was who. I had power, I was in control. I stepped on both of their hands, one foot on each. Daylinh, to her credit, didn’t wince at the pain, but I saw hurt flicker in her eyes as she heard Dayan cry out. Touching, but pathetic. I bent down and used a finger to lightly push her head back, her star-flecked eyes still full of nothing but a boldness that angered me. She whispered words to me, so soft I couldn’t hear over the howling winds mixed the roaring in my ears.

I pushed, barely having to use any of my strength because Daylinh’s had run out. Dayan shouted words at me, words that I muffled out as I watched Daylinh fall. I saw that Dayan was ready to fall too, but before he could lift a finger, I grabbed onto his arm and held tight. He used his other hand to claw at me, to hit me. But he was useless. Here, I had power, and he could do nothing against me. He continued to thrash, however, he also watched Daylinh fall, a single tear dropped with her. Soon, Dayan gave up and, together, we watched his sister tumble down. Except, before we lost sight of her, her features changed. Her tan skin became peachy, her sharp eyes became lighter but filled with a hate far darker than mine. Her soft nose became almost beak-like. She had somehow transformed into my friend, Bridgette Laskar.

I shouted for her, at the same time I heard a high pitched wail. I looked back at what once was Dayan, but was now my other friend, Nikolee Stetz. I pulled—

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