Times Of A Pandemic

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This is a mini short story essay styled reading. In the midst of a Pandemic that was started by Mr. Corona, he is sized up to the mishaps of some in-human practices that some citizens of the United States have experience before he ravished throughout the regions in an effort to destroy the whole world. Too many similarities of a country in these days and time; but leaves a strong impact on the most stubbornness citizens of unfair practices to believe in a country that ignored their voices.

Patricia A. E.
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Life is Sometimes What You Make it

Times Of A Pandemic

By Me: Patricia A. E. Hampton

Life is sometimes what you make it, and not what you think of it. Who would ever thought that we would be living like this; even though this is some people’s everyday life against their will.

The making of our life plans can sometimes be interrupted by the unexpected. A cause out of our control. We did not make this situation in life (COVID-19) to be with-in our future planes; instead it made us. In this world along we don’t think about these types of worldly problems, or even have a plane in place to overcome the situation. Instead we have to depend on expert advice to find a way to solve problematic occurrences such as in the case of these trying times. A natural disaster of a health problem that extends throughout the world that has left us paralyzed for this time being.

We have become to live under part totalitarianism. Everyone have to walk on the same foot or otherwise risk the chance of losing our lives. Social distancing ourselves, as well as essential outings, the wearing of unusual accessories to go along with our attire to name a few. Who ever thought the United States would amount to this? A whole new country that we are living in not knowing how long, or would this be forever. Let’s all hope, that there is some hope to ending this pandemic.

Unemployment, a shortage of food supplies and other needed supplies that are sufficient in our everyday lives has all diminished. Not to mention the needed supplies and demand of the medical field that makes an effort to keep our health and well being stable when possible. According to a media report a great deal of the hospitals were suffering with shortages of supplies; such as, ventilators, gloves, masks and other vital supplies that’s needed for working with the sick. Another example is that some of the food processing plants had to shut down due to workers coming down sick from COVID-19. Do you agree that we could suffer a great famine? Without the vital essentials, “YES WE COULD.” Wholesalers, distributors and manufactures cannot keep up with the supply and demand. This deadly monster has caught us all by surprise.

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