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Everyone is different. That doesn’t mean we need to behave the way we do. We treat people with darker skin than others like dirt. We treat people with a difference of opinion like dirt. We treat each other like dirt. People are getting hurt inside and out. People are dying. It’s not just racism. People are getting hurt from who they live or what the look like or what they believe. The change needs to start today. This is a book of short stories from different authors on inkitt. We got together to make this book. Maybe you will see a different perspective after reading it.

My Vow to You!

β€œThe day that I will be treated equally will be the day that I truly rest in peace.” These were the last words of my big brother, my best friend. He had made many comments like these before that day, but none of them made sense to me until then.

They say that when you recall someone who has died, it feels like you’re being tortured by grief. I beg to differ. When I recall my brother, I remember him as a hero, and it makes me proud. He always protected me from racist comments and stood up or me, even if it meant that he would end up with a broken nose.

Now, whenever I go into the streets, I remember the beatings that my brother got. It doesn’t make me sad, oh no, not even close. It makes my motion even stronger. My motion to secure the fact that racism is over in the world.

I made a vow the day my brother died. The promise to protect and secure all dark-skinned people from racism. I may die keeping up my promise but mind you, one-day racism will be ceased from the face of the earth. If I don’t do it, then the fire raging in one of the individuals who have faced racism will. The racist people have to remember that the world is small, and you get what you give from someone, at some point. I will try my best to make sure of that.

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