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My North Star

I thought you could love whoever you wanted to. Somebody you know and trust. Not some pig walking down the street who has a big fortune. That's who papa wants me to love. I can't though, cause I already have love.

With a girl. The only person I told that to was my best friend, and she ditched me right on the spot. I guess she didn't want to hold my lesbian hand ever again. I feel so alone. There is nobody else on earth I could tell that to, and the only person that I could tell ran away the second the heard me say, "I am lesbian."

Now I am about to get married to a handsome, rich man who I don't hate, but I don't love either. I guess it will be fine. I should get all my sobs out before the wedding. I could live a normal life.


I am going to tell my parents right now and tell them to call off the wedding. I race to my parent's room. I burst through the door. "Mom, dad!" My bolts up. "What is it honey?" By now, I'm panting.

"I don't want to get married to him! I want to get married to someone else." Dad's eyebrows arch up. "Who?" The words get tangled in my mouth, scared to come out. "Lisa." I whisper, so quietly, you can barely hear it.

Mom gasps. Father blinks. Then mom faints into dad's arms. While dad wakes her up, I race back to my room, knowing I couldn't stay here a moment more. I packed a couple of things and run outside to my car. I turn it on and speed away.

I don't know where I am going. But who does? You can't predict your life or future. Or arrange it. You can only move with it. So that's where I am going.

I wind up at Lisa's house. This is the flow of my story and I have to follow it. I realize I am not alone. Because I have Lisa and that's all I need. She is my compass, my north star, and I will always go back to her.

So love who you love, hate who you hate. It's your life. You get to make the decision. Don't let someone tell you otherwise. You're beautiful with your quirks and faults. You're beautiful no matter who you love. So don't let your north star fade away.

This story was made by Fairytale Dreamer.

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