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Dear the Nasty World we Live In

Dear to this nasty world we live in, Some things people don鈥檛 understand is why racism is still such a big deal today. Lots of people brush it off and don鈥檛 think about it anymore because it 鈥渋sn鈥檛 their problem.鈥 They need to think about it more, because it鈥檚 becoming an even bigger problem as time progresses. This is what I鈥檝e had to learn as a black Christan kid. I鈥檓 eleven, and I know more than I should, from what my mom tells me. Not only am I black, (I love my heritage so why should I let people bother me because of it) but I鈥檓 a Christan, which kids try to make me hate about myself. Christans get a lot of bad rap, because we believe in a God who loves us and will forgive us for whatever we鈥檝e done wrong, and people just don鈥檛 like that, and I don鈥檛 know why. A lot of Christans are hated, because we believe differently than the rest of the world. But lately, they鈥檙e starting to drift to the ways of the world, and not to the ways of the world. That鈥檚 beside the point, but you HAVE to get what I mean! I get bullied because of my race and my religion! Lots of my friends have killed themselves because of it鈥...because we鈥檙e different鈥.and it hurts knowing all my friends and leaving me鈥.but I get how they feel. I get called names, I get pushed and locked in my locker, and I get my lunch taken away from me. None of the teachers care. What has this world become? So this is me making a statement to the world, respect people for who they are, just because they aren鈥檛 like you, doesn鈥檛 mean you can stomp over them like their trash. This is all for George Floyd, who lost his life because of a police officer refusing to let him breath while the officer was pushing his neck. He was black, and had a life in front of him. It hurts to know that racism is getting worse and Christans are getting crap said about and to them. It鈥檚 not fair to anyone. Please treat others the way you want to be treated, it makes a difference in other鈥檚 lives. It helps make people feel good about themselves, it causes happiness, and all the feelings that a good and healthy for a person to feel.

Signed, Lillian Mathers

This story was made by, SweetChildWriter.

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