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I want to tell you a story about a little girl named Kaira Hayley Young. She grew up in a very religious family. When she was 11 years old, she came to terms with an internal struggle. That She was a He, then came a whole different kind of struggle. He fought with his parents every day. They sent him away to Bible camps, to church counselors, they even tried to beat it out of him. He was depressed to the point of giving up. He felt so alone the only person he had that accepted him, just committed suicide. He finally gave up after 7 years of oppression. He to this day lives a lie in his parents house. He still feels alone other than his internet family. A child should never feel unwanted by his family, he should never want to kill himself just to end the pain. The pain of being told he is retarded and sick, Just because he is different. Just because he wants to be happy. He is a Human too and His name is now Damien Jaxon Parker. I would like to formal introduce myself.

Hi my name is Damien and this is my story. I would like it to say it鈥檚 by Damien Jaxon Parker (Jax_Malfoy)

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