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This is a real story that happened in 1940s before partition. this story reflects the justice and wise judgement that an British officer did. Also it shows the sincerity and equality of British government. This is an accident that with my Grandpa and an British inspector.The accident was then reported to senior officer who was also British and with any discrimination of colour or rank he resolved it. .

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Back in 1940s, before partition of sub-continent my grandfather applied of job as a postman. He then got accepted and was posted to post office in Gurh ghow (called Guru Gram these days), which is now in India. It was newly constructed and he was the only employee there. Prior to this he lived in an abject poverty with his only mother and two to three cousins in Gujranwala; a city near Lahore in Pakistan.

Being alone and far from any near and dear, having no relatives not even a job mate. He had to cook his own food and was given permission to stay 24 hours in post office. He used to sleep on flour as it was the his first month at new job. Having little money, he often used to eat once in a day. These all things not only make him depress but also disturb him mentally.

One day a British inspector came on inspection. My grandfather was cooking his lunch at that time. On his first step in the office he realized that the postman is cooking in office timing. My grandfather was firmly seated on his chair checking stamps, till he predicts that someone had entered the office at lunch timing. He stands and turn around, “What can I do for you?” he inquired in most pleasant manner. The inspector with an air of indifference asked,” Are you cooking?”

“Yes” replied the postman.

“Are you cooking?”


“Are you cooking?” asked the proud inspector with raising voice.

At this my grandfather just stand up and pick up the mud pot or handi from the stove in his firm hands and out of his fury tossed it on the inspector’s face.

Flushed with anger and revenge, he marches out of the office saying that he will not rest and enjoy a sound night sleep without suspending him. Also, that he will made him suffer for a lifetime for this. The postman just sat on his chair and continued his working without any hesitation and leaving everything to God.

On the other hand, the inspector complained senior officer about the postman’s behavior with him. Although he was also British, instead turning the matter to inspector the officer scolded him that the was already passing through a lot and he left no stone unturned in making him further depress and mental torture.

After all this the senior posted my grandpa to Lahore and provided him a flat where he along with his family can live pleasingly. He thanked the senior with all his heart.

My grandpa served as a postman and as head of GPO (General Post Office) happily till he retired.

Even today we are astounded at the wisdom and sincerity of British government, that not only they remove the fuss and frustrations of poor man but in addition to that they also remain just and equal between a brown postman and a white inspector. It’s really miserable that even today I hadn’t seen such a gloomy example of equality.

(True story narrated by my father and to him by his father)

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