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This is the story i am writing for my BFF ARUNIMA. As you wrote a story for me I thought i can too write one and cherish our old memories but this is like the unforgettable moments which we all went mad not 1 incident all the ones which i remember, go read it😍😍😘😘🤞🏻

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our first fight

4 yrs back we were in 5th std.Do you remember our first fight. That was really crazy.. it was such a silly fight, it was about a pen..LOL. coming to the story you was having a inkpen and you brings that to school almost everyday and whenever i am asking for that pen you will be like ''i want to write'' and when a girl in our class named Shaza asked you for the pen you are like ''ok take it'' i was like kinda really upset and i thought that you love her more than me [never gonna happen] and just like that so many stupid questions was popping up my mind. i thought i was really mad. when you gave for the first i didn't mind about it but when you start giving her all the days . I asked about it to you in the form of a letter. it was such a simple thing we mad it a big problem and we tearing so much pages for writing. LOL I still remember that i asked you why are you not giving me pen giving to that girl all the time. i was kinda possessive like really. The response you did actually made me feel ambivalent .It was mixed emotions like was sad was happy wanna laugh wanna cry when you told that. you told ''you are my bff and she is not even my friend, telling no to you is easy but telling no to her is hard,because if i tell no to you will be probably leaving it but if i tell no to her she will be not leaving it soon and are you jealous?'' i still remember this was your replay. I think i told ''no'' to the question you asked me but it should be ''yes'' because i was jealous kinda really jealous. As i told you in the first part i was kinda upset about you loving her i thought you loved her but that was not at all true and it was that all coming to my mind. we didn't talk for almost 1 to 2 periods. REALLY!! LOL. i recollect it with a shining smile on my face because these all are unforgettable memories.#annichelomforever
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