Warriors Of China *Exclusive Wattpad Sneakpeak*

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An exclusive Wattpad sneakpeak to the second book of the series which will be released soon.

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Chapter 1

"Genghis, your wife, she needs you" Chu said out of breath from running across the castle. "Chu i am busy making battle plans her arguments can wait, besides Bai is waiting for me" Genghis said with pride.

"Well sir, if your wife jumps of the balcony don't blame me" Said Chu. "Oh i will blame you my friend, and i will slaughter your whole entire family and then you next" Genghis Khan said Stomping his foot in frustration.

Wattpad Username: BrileeDiciccoSmith
Note: *This was only an exclusive sneak peak of later in book 2 of the Ancient Soldiers series. On Wattpad read Gladiators Of Greece and Rome. The First book*
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