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This is a quick collection of shorts and character sheets

Other / Humor
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The Cast - Chatherine

Name: Catherine Davies

Age: 16 and up

Date of Birth: 18th of July 1937

Gender: Female

Orientation: Bisexual

Appearance: Catherine is medium hight - around 1,70m - and has a chubby body type. Her hair is a short dark brown, almost black bob and her eyes are a muddy grey/brown color. Her skin tone is the color of milk chocolate.

Other information: Catherine loves to play the piano. Music calms her down and inspires her. She is a kind hearted soul and a bit shy around others. She often seems a bit insecure and overwhelmed, but can be strong minded and stubborn if she wants to.

She has three brothers and a loving mother that she doesn't live with but they exchange letters and phone calls on a regular basis.

She also is interested in mystery solving and helps her girlfriends Alva Burns with her cases.

Later in live she moves in with Alva and takes over the juice factory as a manager.

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