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This story is all about women's who have face a lot many problems in the society ..... This is written by me only in hope that may be it will bring a change in the mindset of some people and will help some women's. writer- Parineeta gupta

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The Helpless Women

Once , there was a women in a small village and her name is Savita . She is a married lady and lives with her husband and two children. Her daily routine was that she always use to wake up early in the morning about 4.30 am . After waking up, she completes all her household work like washing utensils and clothes, cleaning the house, preparing food for her children and husband , then she drops her children to the school and goes to the construction site for work as she and her family is very poor . Her husband is very cruel and arrogant in nature and always use to behave very bad with her . Everyday , when he returns from work he was fully drunk and had a habit of scolding her and sometimes Savita suffered from domestic violence also and is tolerating all this since many years . Now, the situation of Savita gives birth to a question that Why she is tolerating all this ? Why she is not doing anything? This is so because she does not know how to deal with her situation because neither she has education nor she is aware of her rights. That’s why, I have called the lady a helpless women . There is no doubt that whatever happened to her is wrong but its also not fair that she tolerates the domestic violence. The story of Savita is not just the story of her , many Women’s have to face these kinds situation and even more worst situations.

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