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Societal Attitude Towards Women

The societal attitude towards women’s of the society is very strange and odd. It means that there are so many restrictions on women’s which are just poppycock and have no meaning. On some of the restrictions I just use to laugh .For instance, women’s are always told that speak politely whereas men’s are told to be bold and have a strong voice, men’s can sit in any position whereas it is told that women’s have to sit in a proper manner. Why its so? These talks or we can say stereotypes have no meaning and are just useless . The main stereotype is that only women’s will do household chores and men will earn for home. The dinner will be eaten by the whole family but only women’s will wash the utensils . Only mothers have the responsibility to look after the children. why? Its the responsibility of both the parents not only of the mother. In , the society we use to live in, we talk about the equality of both the gender . But, its a bitter truth that in some way equality is not fully achieved to women’s . Till today, women’s suffer a lot for everything like job, salary , work, respect, equality etc.

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