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Toleration Limits

Since thousands of years, women’s are tolerating a lot of problems .They have made it a habit of tolerating everything which happens with them . In the society, after seeing these kind of women’s I was just surprised ,shocked or even I don’t have words that how they get that level of patience to tolerate all the tortures. They have to face all mental , social , emotional, economical as well as physical tortures. They has to be hat’s off that how they does it so. When the limits of tortures extend , they also extend the limits of toleration. We can also see our history or past that women’s had suffered a lot . But, now these tortures have to be end. And literally ,no one will stop these things until and unless women’s will raise their voice . According to me, in some way women’s are also a little bit responsible for their situation as everyone now has made their mindset that whatever they do with the women’s they will tolerate quietly . That’s why , now only women’s can help themselves .

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