Stand Up Women's ! It's The Time...

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It's The Time

Now, it’s the time for the women’s to put a stop to all the wrong and unfair practices that happens with them and to become bold and should have learn to say “no”, which is very necessary for them . The women’s will have to say no and there is no need to tolerate anything. The main thing that the women has to do is that stop thinking that what will the society think, and the most surprising thing is that women’s think about that society which doesn’t think at least once before maltreating them like abusing , domestic violence, mental tortures , forcing them for marriage ,the most important is the ill-treatment towards widows and forcing her to practice the old Hindu’s believe sati in which the widow threw herself on to her husband’s funeral pyre. As much as they women’s can tolerate they had done it , but now all these things should have to stop ...

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