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How And Who Can Help Women's?

According to me, no one only women’s can help themselves because it is very much true that women’s will suffer a lot until and unless they will try their own to overcome from their situations and problems.The most important factor is that a women has to be educated at any cost . Most of the women’s are not aware of their rights and it’s very strange that they doesn’t know that they are being exploited. So, education very much help them in introducing their rights and they will be able to make difference whether the thing is right or wrong. If a women feels that she is in such a situation that she alone can’t fight the situation then she can take help from Women Help Commission (WHC) which helps the women legally if something is going wrong with women’s. WHC is only an example there are many commissions and organisations which provides support to such women’s. Although, the women can also take help from police and courts.

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