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The Major Fault

There is a major fault that mostly women’s have that is they take themselves as low confident. For instance , if a wife’s husband scold her that you can’t do nothing ,you are useless, the food you had made is taste-less or you can’t handle just two children etc. Then the wife agrees to her husband that yes may be she has done the mistake. In the society, every body says that women’s are physically,mentally,emotionally,economically and financially weak .Why that’s so? Even the women’s themselves agree about it. The god has made both the men and women equally , he has made both of them strong . It’s just the point of our thinking. But, now its important for women’s to be strong and bold instead of agreeing about the same.I know that saying all this is very easy but one thing now women’s have to learn that if u change nothing , nothing will change.

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