The Kings Blood Bride

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Lena was happy in her small town with all her friends and loving family until she discovers the dark part of herself that her parents kept hidden from her. where as Alexander has lived with this dark part of himself and embraces it and kills for fun when he comes across her.

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Meeting My Bloody Flower

(Lena POV)

I was walking with my friend Andrew we had been out at a party and he was drunk i didn't want him to get hurt while driving home so I decided I would walk him we were about a block away from his house when he pulled me aside and tried to touch me I pushed him down saying what the hell is wrong with you I knew he was drunk but that was no excuse and when I snapped out of my thoughts I realized he was bleeding he had hit the back of his head.

I looked at his cut and my body instantly flooded with the desire to hurt him even more to take his blood to kill him I took my hand to the back of his head where he had hit and licked the blood of my hand he was screaming at the sight of what i was doing i then started to suck on his neck then piercing his skin tasting even more it felt and tasted so good. It didn't taste how people had described it tasted sweet like warm honey sliding down my throat I loved it after that everything was a blur. Then I saw him a tall black haired stranger with icy grey eyes that could stare into your soul i wanted him but not like I wanted Andrew I wanted him more.

(Alexander POV)

I was out for a hunt when I heard something coming from behind me in the alley I walked down to see her. Her beautiful face and body covered in blood and I wished I was the one she was holding she then realized me standing there she looked up as if to study me as I did the same her long dark brown hair and her plump lips stained red with that man's blood and her cold blue eyes filled with lust i wanted her all of her right her right now.

Suddenly she was crying looking down at the man she had just devoured. I wish I could make her pain stop that she would stop and come to me but she just sat there crying and screaming I knew I had to quite her down otherwise we would be caught so I picked her up into my arms and she clung to my neck. Then put her head in the crook of my neck quietly sobbing as I Comfortedher by softly brushing my hand on her cheek until she stopped.

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