The Kings Blood Bride

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Her Poison and Their Pain

(Alexander POV)

Once she was calm i asked her where she wanted to go as I put her in my car.

(Lena POV)

I would like to go home I need to speak to my parents something is wrong with me I just killed my best friend i should die a gruesome death just like him.

Baby there is nothing wrong with you. you are perfect just the way you are and I love what you are so don't say you should die i will not allow it.

What do you mean what you are what the fuck am I I'm just a normal girl there's nothing special about me I need help I just killed someone.

No baby its in your blood it's who you are and you know what I'm talking about.

(Lena POV)

I hear him say fuck she's so damn beautiful i want to make her mine why the fuck would you say that disgusting.

What are you talking about i didn't say anything yes you did you said fuck she's so damn beautiful i want to make her mine.

Oh you went in my head see watch my mouth it won't move but focuse

See you are in my mind my lips aren't moving

What the fuck.

Ok were here can you walk or do I need to carry you again

I can walk you asshole

Lena gets out of the car but instantly falls as I catch her I carry her to the front door and kick it open her parents come running

Lena baby are you okay sweetie what's wrong whats with all the noise

I'm fine but I need answers and then I see my parents down on there knees as to greet the man behind me.

What the fuck is going on why did I just kill my best friend and why are you bowing to this guy is he that special.

Sweetie he is the king.

What the fuck are you talking about king for.

I'm the king of vampires the blood king thats who.

I feel my anger burning deep inside me I want to hurt them i don't have control over my body instantly it's over my parents and I've broken there arms and legs. And I still need them to suffer more I grab my mother's head and listen to hear scream that loud ring scream i loved it i then ripped her head from her body as she lay there on the floor lifeless I turn to my father and do the same except slower so I hear his breath slowly fade. I feel no remorse or sadness i enjoyed every minute of there pain then turned around to see a devilish grin on his face and he says his name is Alexander and slowly walks towards me.

She looked so good i loved how she could make people suffer i walked towards her and pushed her towards the wall and she pulled me to her as soon as my lips met her there were sparks like lightning hitting all over my body i could feel myself becoming hard i wanted her and I wanted her right now but I couldn't we had this mess to deal with.

Pack your stuff and go to the car.

What why.

Because you can't stay here

Ok we went upstairs to my room and I packed my clothes and make up and phone along with other necessities and then we headed to the car. I heard him call someone and he told them to clean up the bodies and mess so they would think we packed up and left which technically is true.

She fell asleep in the seat next to me and I wanted her so badly but I had to wait wait for her to say she wanted me too six or so hours we arrived at my house and I carried her into the house and upstairs into my room and layed her on my king size bed so she could continue to sleep while I unpacked her stuff into my closet.

Hey Adriana I need you to go buy some clothes and bring them to my room for me ok thank you and with that I left to hunt the people that have trespassed on my land.

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