The Kings Blood Bride

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The Captivating Touch

I wake up to the sound of the shower turning on. I lean against the head bored confused as to how I got into this room not that I didn't like it. It was great i loved it the black wall and the dark blue bed spread white furniture and gold nobs and polls holding up the bed it was like i was royalty i got up and opened on of the doors it was the closet half of it was filled with men's items and the other half filled with my clothes and other women's clothes I had never seen before. I break free from my thoughts when I hear someone's husky and masculine voice saying good morning and turn to see Alexander in the door way with just a towel wrapped loosely around his waist. I looked down at my self and realized I was only in my underwear and an oversized tee.

He got that devilish grin on his face again. And I have to admit I wanted him he walked towards me and put his hands one my waist and his lips touch mine. I can feel his member becoming hard he wanted me just as much as I wanted him.

She kissed me and I couldn't control myself I put my arms under her ass and lifted her up as she wrapped her legs around me she bit my lip making me groan in her mouth she opened it farther leaving me access and soon my tongue and hers were fighting for dominance. Lena we should stop you go shower and get ready were heading out to the palace today.

Ok I said to Alexander as I walked out and to the bathroom I decided to take a bath the bathtub was so fucking big it was as big as my whole bathroom I got out about thirty minutes later and realized I didn't bring any clothes so I wrapped a towel around me opened the door to look if Alexander was there but the room was vacant so I walked out and into the closet there was a dark red shoulder top shirt that I paired with some chaorcle colored rip jeans and black heel boots. And did my makeup with winged eyeliner Maroon eyeshadow some mascara and plume colored liquid lipstick.

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