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Chapter 2

Quote of the day:

Our knowledge is a little island in a great ocean of nonknowledge.

-Isaac Bashevis Singer

Damian P.o.v:

“Hey, man, wake up! We are going to be late!”

“Mike, get out! I’ll be ready in twenty,” I exclaim.

You’d think a twenty-five-year-old would have the freedom to sleep-in. That’s not the case when you’re the Alpha of a wolf pack.

I get out of bed, do my morning routine, then I go downstairs. Antonella, my sister, walks up to me with the biggest smile.

“Good morning, big bro,” she greets. “Don’t forget you promised to take me to school today.”

I groan. Everyone is after me today.

“C’mon then. Let’s go,” I say.

“Yay!” Nella squeals. I wince. Dear God, no, please.

Nella happily beelines to my car and gets in. I follow suit to the driver’s seat. I take her to US University, twenty minutes away from the pack-house. We enter the gated campus and drive to the main building where I’ll be dropping her off. As a former alumni, I know my way around.

Walking in the hall, I feel something soft hit me. I look down and see the most beautiful girl is about to fall, I catch her before she goes down. When she opens her eyes and sees me, I realize she’s my mate.

“Ace, we found our mate,” I tell my wolf.

“Ugh,” I clear my throat.

As I’m looking at her, I feel our surroundings come to a pause.

“Oh, um, hi. Would you be able to point me towards the registration desk?” she asks.

“Of course, my sister comes to this school. I can take you there. Let’s go,” I say.

“Here we are, cutie pie.”

She blushes. Damn, she’s cute.

“Thank you...”

“Damian Gray. Nice to meet you,” I extended his hand to me.“You are?“.

“Jessica Jones, nice to meet you,” she replied.

“I will see you later, cutie,” I said.

“Damian, she is cute. I can believe our mate is that beautiful” Ace daydreams.

“Me neither, Ace. Me neither”

I go straight home after dropping of Nella.

“Alpha, we have a problem. There are about ten rouges at the border”


“Near the north border”

I shift into my wolf form. I run towards the location I’m told.

“What are you doing here, rouge?” I ask with a sneer.

“I came here to warn you,” the boy says.

“Warn me?” I raise an eyebrow.

“Yes, the Alpha of the Half Moon pack is starting a war,” he says.

“What do you mean with war?” I ask.

“I was walking around his border and I heard one of his guards saying that their alpha is planning a war and every pack who doesn’t join them will die,” he says, point-blank.

“Why shouldn’t I believe anything you say?”

“Because your life - and the lives of your pack - depend on it,” he says. “Find a way to survive or defeat them, once and for all, before it goes to down in human history as the biggest mass murder.”

“I don’t trust him,” says Ace

“Me neither, Ace. The way he is saying it seems like he has no intention of lying to us.”

“When did you pass the bother?” I ask him.

“Last night. I came here as soon as I could,” he says.“I wanted to warn you guys because you are closer.”

“Who else knows about this?” I ask.

“Some of my rouge friends, vampire, a group of witches,” he replies.

“Ace, wasn’t the witches eliminated last year?” I ask.

“Not all of them,” Ace says

“Come with me. This isn’t a good place to discuss this situation,” I say out loud. “Who else is with you?”

“All the people who know about the war,” he says.

“How many are there?” I ask.

“We are 30 in total,” he replies.

“Every kid needs to go inside now, don’t let any kid outside,” I mind link my pack. “I want a group of 40 warriors with me now, All the high ranked warriors will guard the borders. No one can be out of there house until I say so! UNDERSTAND?”

“Yes, Alpha,” the whole pack answers.

“Tell them all to follow me to the meeting room,” I say. “If anyone, I mean anyone, does something that I don’t like he or she will be locked in the dungeons. Deal?”

“Deal,” he said., “My name is Carol Montes. I was the head of warriors of the Brown Wolf Pack.”

“Weren’t they killed?” I ask.

“No, some of us escaped,” he says.

“Hey, man,” Mike greets me. “Antonella just called me to ask if we want to go to the frat house party.”

“Let me guess. You said yes,” I say.

“That’s a lucky guess because it’s affirmative,” he grins.

“You do know that we have a group of rouge, vampire, and witch in the pack right? We’re also too old for this,” I counter-argue.

“Yeah, I know. We could use a break,” Mike says. “Also, you could use this opportunity to see your mate.”

“What are you talking about?” I ask.

“Did you forget that my mate, your sister, goes to that same uni?” he asks. “She told me that in the morning you were showing a new girl to the office. She also told me about how you were watching the new chic, that’s how she knows she is your mate.”

“Why can’t she keep her mouth shut?” I roll my eyes.

“Because she is my mate and we don’t hide anything for each other.”

“Damian!” Antonella yells my name.

“What?” I yell back.

“Are you done?” she asks.

“Yes, let’s go,” I say.

“Can I drive?” Nella asks. “Pretty please?”

“Fine,” I sigh. “Please don’t scratch my baby.”

We arrived at the Jones mansion. Wait she is one of the Jones? This can’t be true. That would mean she is one of the most powerful Hybrids ever. Does she know that? But this morning, she didn’t smell like a wolf. I thought she was human.

“Ace, our mate is powerful. She is a royal,” I say.

“I think that’s why the half-moon pack wants to start a war,” he said. “The Royals are back.”

“Mike, she is a royal,” I mind link him.

“Is that why the Half-Moon Pack wants to start a war?” he mind-links back.

“Ace and I think so,” I reply.

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