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Chapter 5

“Freedom is not enough.”

-Lyndon B. Johnson

Austin P.o.v:

It’s been 10 years since I last saw my little sister. Questions constantly invade my thoughts.. Where is she? Is she alive? Does she remember me? Does she think about her family?

“Alpha, I think we crossed a border,” says my beta.

“Ok, let’s slow down so it won’t look like we are attacking,” I said. “When the warriors reach us, don’t attack.”

“Yes, sir,” everyone replies.

When we arrive closer to the pack-house on this territory, not only are we met by their warriors but by their Alpha Damien Gray. The person I was hoping to talk to.

“What are you doing here, rouge?” The Alpha sneers.

“I came here to warn you,” I reply.

“Warn me?” He asks. “What for?”

“The Alpha of the Half Moon pack is starting a war,” I state.

“What do you mean with war?” Damien asks.

“I was walking around his border and I heard one of his guards saying that their alpha is planning a war and every pack who doesn’t join them will die,” I say, point-blank.

I don’t care if I’m killed for trespassing multiple territories. The situation needs to die before it begins.

“Why shouldn’t I believe anything you say?”

“Because your life - and the lives of your pack - depend on it,” I reply. “Find a way to survive or defeat them, once and for all, before it goes to down in human history as the biggest mass murder.”

When did you pass the bother?” Damien asks me.

“Last night. I came here as soon as I could. I wanted to warn you guys because you are closer.”

“Who else knows about this?” Damien keeps throwing questions at me.

“Some of my rouge friends, vampires, a group of witches,” I reveal.

He looks at me weirdly. He stays silent for a moment. I presume he was talking to someone in his pack or his wolf.

“Come with me. This isn’t a good place to discuss this situation,” he finally says. “Who else is with you?”

“All the people who know about the war.”

“How many are there?” He asks.

“We are 30 in total,” I reply. I look behind me. Several yards away - in the shadows - my people await.

“Tell them all to follow me to the meeting room,” he orders. “If anyone, I mean anyone, does something that I don’t like, he or she will be locked in the dungeons. Deal?”

I think about what that would mean to my pack. It’s better than being kicked to the curb, I suppose.

“Deal,” I comply. “My name is Austin Montes. I was the head of warriors of the Brown Wolf Pack.”

“Weren’t they killed?” Damien asks.

“No, some of us escaped,” I confirm the opposite.

Damien nods and motions me to follow him. I turn around and whistle. That was their cue to follow.

’If you guys don’t want to die don’t do something that will kill you” I mind-link my pack

The closer we get to the pack house, the bigger the feeling that something big is going to happen tomorrow.

When we got to the pack house there was a familiar scent but I don’t know whose it is.

My beta, pack warrior, and I follow Alpha Damian to the meeting room.

The events that happened throughout the next few days were overwhelming. The familiar scent in the pack-house turned out to be my sister. The sister I had lost at a young age. The one I was beginning to think was dead. The DNA test Damian ordered proved she was.

I told Mia what I was told about her disappearance. I wanted her to get to know me. I sensed Damian was her mate. He was protective of her. He didn’t show it but it was lingering there. He followed her with his eyes everywhere she went. She doesn’t know. She doesn’t even know she’s a werewolf.

Mia POV:

After one hour mom came back inside, I couldn’t read her face. She seemed mad. Or perhaps she was sad.

“Honey, can we talk?”

“Of course, mom,” I accept.

I do want to talk to her. I feel like I’m at a loss.

“I’m going to tell you everything, okay?” “But--” I am interrupted.

“I know you have questions; they can wait ’till when I’m done.”

The ways she talks scares me.

“It all began 24 years ago on New Year’s Eve. there was a King looking for it’s Queen. When he found her, she was in a relationship with one of the King’s friends. The King didn’t know that his Queen was in a relationship, so he asked her to marry him. She said yes. When the King’s friend found out that the love of life is marrying his best friend and that she is pregnant, all he wants is revenge. So, he kidnapped the queen and beat her until she passed out. He wanted her to abort the baby but she told him no. He didn’t like that answer. He planned to get rid of it. The King arrived in time to save his Queen. The queen had a baby girl, but she knew that they were not safe so she hired a witch to protect her family. It was too late. Her ex-boyfriend had already escaped from prison. The Queen asked the witch to protect her little girl until she is big and strong enough to save herself. Unfortunately, the Queen and the King died trying to protect their kingdom. Half of their Kingdom died with them,” Mom tells me the story. “Therefore, I am hoping that you understand I’m trying to keep you safe. I need your brother to understand that too. “Okay,” I nod. “Thank you.”

She smiles and caresses the side of my face. “You’re welcome, honey. Get some sleep okay?”

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