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I walk in the room as he follows me . Tears leek from my eyes and i fist my hand on my dress I shivered as he trailed his fingers from my neck to my waist and i leave a audible gasp as he dugged his fingers in my flesh . "My little sunshine " he wispered trailed his one hand to my neck and fisting my hair pulling it back . "What did i tell you about boys ?" he asked . I gulp "i...i.wa..wasn't t..talking to him ..i ..swear, he ..he said hi ..and asked .." hus hand went tight aroung my waist "Asked what ?" he grits . "for ..for my number " i replied. I shut my eyes close and tighten my thighs as he kissed my neck . "And did my little girl say ?" he asked "i...i..have ..a a boyfriend " i reply. he kissed my cheek and tuned me around slamming me to the wall . "Who do you belong to Baby ?" he asked kissing my ear . i gulped . "y-you " i wispered . "WHO DO YOU BELONG TO !!??" i wimpered . "Y-You " i spoke up just enough for him to hear . "good girl kiss your boyfriend " he ordered . I slowly brought my hands up to his shoulder and fisted them . standing on my tiptoe i laid a kiss on his lips as he smirks devilishly.

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I look through my closest and saw only the ones given by him .I spot the top given to me by my friend as a birthday gift and decided to wear it .
I turned nineteen yesterday ...i was lucky that Xavier allowed me to stay over at my parents.
Mom and i stay up half the night because we missed each other so much .

After shower i wore my black jeans and the oversized croptop with hoodie .
Mia , my friend gave it to me .
I am scared about how Xavier will react to it ..since its a crop top ..but its her gift ..i at least have to wear it once to show her .I appreciate the fact she gave me the croptop which didn't expose anything.

I heard the honk and tensed up Walking to the living room i kissed my dad and mom goodbye .
She told me to be safe and walked out to see him leaning on his car ."Morning Princess " he greeted .
"M-Morning " i reply. He opened the door for me and a slipped in .

"What time will you leave baby ?" He asked .
"Uh..i ..i leave at ..4..but ..i ..i have s-some doubts. ."
"No " he stated ..I look down .
He won't ever let me stay for an extra class .
I didn't like study , but i want to be well educated and work .He pulled over and gets out .
I mutter a thankyou as he held his hand for me to take .

I started to walk but he pulled my back by my waist and turned me around to face him .
"Say goodbye to your boyfriend baby " he said
Goodbye meant i should kiss him , tell him i love him and i would see him soon .
If i didn't do that ..then i would end up being bruised by his lips on my neck .I lean in and my trembling hands came to his shoulder .

I kissed him softly and his hands slips in my crop top causing his warm hands to meet my bare waist .
I clenched my thighs together and resist the urge to moan .
"Goodbye , i-i love ..see ya " i said timidly .
"Love you back baby ..remember...i am coming tonight  ." He whispered in my ear making my insides clenched and i gulp ..

"Liam will pick you up and bring you to my office. ..then will go to a nice dinner ..and then our bedroom " he said.
I nodded fist my hands on his shirt .
"Get going my baby ..don't be late " he said .I nodded .He didn't let me loose so i kissed his cheek only then he grinned and let go .

I walked inside and let out a deep breath. "Rose " my friend called and i smile ."Hey Mia " i said .
"Ohhh you look so cute in my gift " i chuckled and we walked to our classes .


"Thank you Liam " i said and he bows and mutters "Miss Rose " before i walk inside .
I walked to the private elevator where Sam one of Xavier's P.A pressed the button for me .
He then bows his head and i walk in .
The door shuts and i fist my hand on the handle of my bag .
I gulped as i heard the ping and the doors open

Many people moved out of my way to give me space to walk .
"Hello mam ..water ?" Lily ..asked .I needed some .I thanked her and drank some of it .
Pressing the call button twice i saw the green light and i opened the door ..
"Hello my love ..come here " he said.
I bit my lip and walked towards him keeping my bag near the table .

I stood besides him but he harshly pulled me on his lap .
His lips started living wet kisses on my neck and my lower part tightened .
"X-Xavier " i whimpered as he bites my neck .
"Yes baby ? ..i love it when you scream and moan my name babydoll " he said wrapping his one hand around my waist and one around my neck .

I moaned as he kissed and sucked my sweet spot .I whimpered  as he squeezed my breasts .
"You like that baby ?" He asked chuckling.
"Xavier " i whispered but squealed as he slaps my thigh .
"Did you say no to me ?" He asked harshly .I look down in fear 

He bit my ear and i gasped .
"You are mine aren't you my baby " i nodded .
"Good ..lets get you some food " he said picking me up and setting me on my foot .

Xavier. boyfriend of 5 months .
I tried to get away from him over 3 times but ended up being caught by him .
Whoever helped me in my escape was either hurt or killed .
I lost my hopes in romance  .I am stuck with him .
There is nothing I or anybody can do about it .

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